Mazda2 B-Spec Racecar Build

Phase 3: The Roll Cage and Wrap

With spring closing in, the Mazda 2 is making speedy progress to its completion. With all the performance modifications done and the interior completely removed we are ready to move onto phase three, the wrap and cage.
Designing and installing a roll cage is not a very simple task. To save us time and one massive headache we left it to the experts at S-Box Engineering to design the Mazda 2’s roll cage.
S-Box Engineering’s parent company (Miata Cage) has been building roll cages for spec Miata’s for over 10 years. With their expertise and knowledge of roll cages and Mazda’s it made for a smooth process with the ordering and installation. After spending a few days at AutoEdge Racing in Mahtomedi for installation and assembly of the cage, it was ready for paint. Our own Michael Ashby spent some time after hours sprucing it up.




Soon after the cage was painted, Scott from FastSigns came out and applied the wrap for the 2! Check out the video below to see a time lapse of the entire process.



Now that the cage is in and the wrap is complete, the little 2 that could is looking more and more like a race car. Stay tuned for more progress. To check out the first 2 phases of the Mazda2 racecar build click here.


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