Charger Restoration – Update #7 – The Final Parts Hunt

Spring has finally arrived, and much like we’ve been eagerly waiting to get outdoors, the Charger is anxiously waiting for its return to streets.  That return, however, is going to be a bit delayed.

Up until recently visible progress on the Charger could be seen on a daily basis, but recently our team has been working diligently on the details you cannot see.   We’ve reached the stage where the hunt for small and seldom noticed trim pieces slows down the restoration process.  Despite a healthy aftermarket for vintage muscle car parts, we’ve run into a couple of “needle in the haystack” situations.

The good news is that we’ve been able to track down all the outstanding parts.  The not so good news is that some of these parts aren’t scheduled to arrive until the middle of June.  Needless to say we won’t hit our May completion target and it’s looking like late-June is a more reasonable completion target.  Fortunately, like the aging of a fine wine,  the extra time will give us time to get everything dialed in perfectly for when Matthew takes the wheel this summer.

Check out the update photos below and be sure to check back often for updates.


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