MN Cars & Coffee | May 2013

The 2013 Season of MN C&C is underway and although the weather hasn’t been very cooperative, the turnout has been great. This past weekend was the 2nd event of the season and we brought out some of the hottest cars from our Cadillac lineup as well as a few luxury vehicles from Twin Cities Luxury Auto.

As always, our free hot coffee was a huge hit and helped to keep spectators warm during the rainy cold weather that we experienced this past Saturday. Along with coffee, we are giving away free Morrie’s sunglasses so make sure to stop by our booth throughout the summer and grab a pair!

We look forward to the rest of the MN C&C season and warm weather, which is sure to bring out more eye catching vehicles from various different owners throughout the metro.

Check out some of our photos below from last weekends event.

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