Morrie’s Buy Happy Beards

September is national Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. This has why we’ve decided to go a new direction with Buy Happy Giving this month and have decided to create a team for Septembeard. What is Septembeard you ask?  Septembeard is a month long competition where participants grow beards and raise funds for prostate cancer research.  We are very excited to be able to help groundbreaking organizations make strides in cancer research and hope that you will join us along the way by donating, or just showing your support by spreading the word.

To donate, simply visit our Team Page here, http://septembeard.org/team/2012/ We are hoping to hit our fundraising goal of $20,000 for this great cause!

Make sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages often for updated photos on the majestic beards our employee’s are growing. We will also be adding photo’s to the Septembeard site itself.


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