Winter Weather Car Care

Preparing your vehicle for sub-zero temps

Minnesotans can usually handle cold weather and low temps but this winter has taken even the most experienced Minnesotans by surprise. With sub-zero temperatures like we’ve had over the past few days, motorists are starting to see the weather effect their vehicles.



It is always advised to stay indoors and off the roads with these dangerously low temperatures so make sure to drive only if it is absolutely necessary. Cars need special care and attention throughout the winter and we are here to provide you with a few tips to ensure safety and comfort when driving in these conditions.



  • Wear as many layers of clothing as possible and pack an extra pair of warm clothes whenever leaving the house
  • Check vehicles heating and defrost system
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full so that the gas line doesn’t freeze
  • Fill tires with air. For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, tires can lose 1 lb. of pressure per square inch
  • Make sure you have plenty of fluids including windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze and oil
  • Replace wiper blades if they are cracked, worn or misshaped
  • Check that your battery isn’t older than it’s recommended life span


It is always important to keep items in your car that will be useful in case of emergency. Check out our list below

Emergency Car Kit

  • Ice scraper
  • Blankets
  • Extra clothes
  • Extra windshield wiper fluid
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Water
  • First aid kit
  • Hand warmers
  • Hat and gloves
  • Booster cables
  • bag of salt, sand, or kitty litter

Winter Car Kit

We want to remind everyone to stay safe and warm. If the cold weather has taken a toll on your vehicle you can call us at (952) 544-0096 or visit us online to learn more about our cold weather prep package!



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