Hyundai Intrados Concept Emphasizes Lightness and Efficiency

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Hyundai’s Intrado concept car was built to reveal the company’s capabilities and show visions of mobility as it prepared for future growth.  Hyundai suggests that the Intrado envisions how cars can enlighten and enrich lives.

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I can’t tell you what the previous statement really means, however I can say that  Intrado is powered by a next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain that utilises a lithium ion battery that can be refueled in just a few minutes.  With a range of more than 600 kilometres and emitting only water, Intrado does foreshadow what efficiency might look on future Hyundai models. In addition to increased range, Intrado promises more responsive and agile driving dynamics, thanks to the reduced weight and greater efficiency of its powertrain.

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Intrados aerodynamic body-panels are backed up by a carbon fiber intensive frame built with an emphasis on lightness.  This emphasis on lightweight strength will certainly be seen on future models, including new features like the super lightweight body panels created at Hyundai’s steel facility.

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