Mazda2 Sneak Preview at the Geneva International Motor Show!

Introducing the All-New Hazumi Concept!

2014 Hazumii Concept

The vehicle has been completely redesigned with and updated interior and exterior. Narrow taillights wrap around the rear of the vehicle while a new front grille gives this hot hatch added character.

2014 Hazumii Concept

2014 Hazumii Concept

The interior is not what you would expect. A mix of Mazda’s signature Soul Red and an almond hue make up most of the interior coloring, a clear change from the company’s signature dark interior, which we have seen on display for most unveilings.

2014 Hazumii Concept

Hazumi is the Japanese word for “bound” or to “spring up” which conveys the idea of a small but vigorous animal, bursting with energy. With a SKYACTIV-D 1.5 L engine and a six-speed transmission, this vehicle is definitely a match for any vigorous animal bursting with energy.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and make sure to check our blog often for more information on when this concept will head into production! We look forward to seeing the Hazumi evolve into the Mazda2 hatch and can’t wait for its arrival on our show floor at Morrie’s Minnetonka Mazda and Morrie’s Chippewa Valley Mazda!

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