Morrie’s Automotive Group raises $42,000 for The Salvation Army

When we started the Buy Happy Backpack Round-Up last month, we here at Morrie’s thought raising just around 1,000 was a pretty lofty goal. Boy were we wrong! Imagine our surprise when the final tally came in at just over 4,000 backpacks for local Twin Cities students. Additionally, we donated $10 for each backpack providing The Salvation Army with over $40,000 to go towards school supplies.

We couldn’t have done it without the generous support of each team member at our store locations, the customers, vendors and everyone else that chose to donate. Both our Brooklyn Park and Cadillac locations tipped the scale, bringing in over 1400 an 1200 backpacks respectively. Please take a look at the video below from our team here at Morrie’s to learn just how important this really is to students across the state.

We made the final drop off to The Salvation Army yesterday and the team couldn’t have been more excited. Additionally, KSTP came out to film a segment during the drop-off which can be viewed HERE by starting the video at the 11:38 mark.

Once again, many thanks to all of you who made the campaign an enormous success!  You all are the real reason we succeeded.  You donated bags.  You helped amplify the message and because of your efforts thousands of kids will be better equipped to succeed this school year!

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