Another Great Morrie’s Teen Driving School in the Books

This past Saturday we held our second Morrie’s Teen Driving School of the year.  Despite some light rain in the morning things clear up just in time for the teens to hit the skills course and participate in the numerous activities that help them become safer drivers.


The teens started out the morning practicing their braking, emergency lane changing and fundamental handling skills.

After lunch we tied some of the skills together via a forward and backward slalom course, decreasing radius exercise, loss of traction course and few other exercises.  At day’s end all of the teens agreed that their skills and confidence had increased dramatically.  Both parents and teens left the event knowing that the roads will now be a bit safer.



We have four more Morrie’s Teen Driving Schools scheduled for this year, including one on August 15th, September 26, October 10 and November 13th.  For more information and to register visit www.morries.com/teenschool.




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