The Top 10 Superhero Vehicles Ranked

This is how we ended up ranking some of the baddest and best vehicles used by superheros. Let us know what you see missing off of our list!


10. SR-71 Blackbird

When the X-Men (who can transport or fly) need to get somewhere in a hurry they have to go to the fastest military plane in the world, the SR-71 Blackbird. With all the right looks for a mutant world saving mission or maybe cruising the open skies to find  evildoers the SR-71 rounds out the Top 10 list.

9. SHIELD Helicarrier

Taking the 9 spot, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is a “floating fortress” which is the size of most cities found in Iowa. With the capacity to carry most of an army or contain Hulk without him taking the ship down, the Helicarrier is a solid go-to in the Superhero world.

8. The Punisher’s GTO

Classic American Muscle with a killer paint job and a doomsday feel make this GTO crack into the top 8 without a problem. In case the Punisher’s comes looking for you tell him you voted it to #1…

7. Ghostbuster Mobile – ECTO -1

Who you gonna call? They might not be superheroes, per-say, but the GhostBuster’s iconic 1959 Cadillac ECTO-1 is a sweet ride with tons of space for all the gear to capture  ghosts.

6. Speed Racer Mach 5

The name says it all at our #6 pick, Speed Racer is all about that sweet, sweet speed that makes this car so special. Incredible handling, raw breakneck speed and a driver that can handle it all…Mach 5.

5. The Green Machine

TURTLE POWER!! Who didn’t want to go for a ride with the TMNT back in the day? Eating pizzas and doing karate was basically how we did/do live out lives.

4. Bond’s DB5

The #4 spot is for Bond, James Bond. With timeless looks, awesome modifications from Q, and a beautiful women in the passenger seat, the Aston Martin DB-5 is a surefire winner in our books.

3. Millenium Falcon

With the return of Star Wars in the next couple months how could we possibly leave this vehicle, which, according to Han, “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs” off the list? We can’t wait to see this Falcon return to the big screen in December.

2. Optimus Prime

He’s not only a sweet 18-wheeler but also a sentient life form from another world. Optimus Prime and the Autobots are a group of Earth-saving robots that can kick some butt and cruise off with a sweet burnout.

1. The Tumbler / The Batpod

How could we not put the most epic/iconic superhero transport vehicle at number 1? From the original Batmobile all the way up to the Tumbler/Batpod, this thing can do it all. When all else fails and Batman is cornered with nowhere to go in the Tumbler, pull the eject cord and take off in the Batpod.


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