5 Things to do for Fall in Minnesota – Get Out and Drive Edition

You may or may not need a reason to get outside and enjoy the weather this fall but, if you do we are here to help. Check out this list we compiled of all the possible things you can do while the weather is still wonderful outside. Grab a sweater and whoever is next to you and head out on the open road with these Top 5 things to do.

5. Get out and drive up the north shore to see the leaves changing. The north shore is the perfect place to take in all the beautiful roads and enjoy the crisp air. Here is the North Shore Visitor Guide and Fall Color Report

4. Think about how bad that “Polar Vortex” was a couple years ago and just enjoy that there isn’t 4 feet of snow on the ground right now. Maybe this is the year that you look into getting some snow tires.

3. Drive to a pumpkin patch and grab a huge, “I shouldn’t have gotten one so big” pumpkin to carve with friends and family. Zombies are all the rage now so check out these zombie pumpkin outlines for your pumpkin.

2. Go for that final drive in a convertible. Don’t have a convertible? No problem. Call up that weird uncle or call that friend you haven’t talked to in a couple months now. The time is now or else wait until the snow melts.

1. Drink a Toasted Graham Latte – The years of the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are dead and gone. You’ll thank us later.

Make sure to let us know what other things you’ll be doing this fall season!

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