Herb Brooks Rink Rats

Hockey is an integral part of living in Minnesota. We all love watching the Minnesota Wild and cheering them on during the hockey season. The reality is all of our favorite hockey players had to start somewhere but the odds are stacked against many of our Twin City’s youth from ever getting that chance. With the decline of hockey programs in Minneapolis and the overall cost to participate, many kids will never get the chance at playing the game of hockey.



That’s where the Herb Brooks Foundation has been making a difference since 2003 with the Rink Rats program. The legendary player and coach Herb Brooks had a vision to keep hockey sticks in kid’s hands and give them the chance to experience the game of hockey. Rink Rats is the embodiment of his vision and it has continued to bring the love of hockey to kids all over the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro. Rink Rats is an after school program available for several Twin City schools and is continuing to expand across the metro. It’s not uncommon to see onlookers and parents alike at the local ice cheering on these youngsters as they skirmish, practice stick handling, and learn the rules of hockey.



Morrie’s contributes two 16 Passenger Ford Transits to transport kids from their school to the local ice. I personally have been participating in driving the kids for several schools now for three years. It’s unbelievable how much the game of hockey can bring a group of kids together.



Watching some of these kids over the past few years develop skating and stick handling skills is an amazing experience. Many of them are equipped to join school or local teams after their time in the program. The Herb Brooks Foundation no only provides professional coaches/players to mentor and instruct the kids but the skates, helmets, and sticks they need to have a good experience on the ice.



This opportunity is one of a kind and I have found my time investment transporting the kids to be really rewarding. It’s great to see a program so dedicated to investing in the local youth and we are happy to continue our contribution to Rink Rats and the Herb Brooks Foundation. To learn more about Rink Rats and the Herb Brooks Foundation visit: http://www.herbbrooksfoundation.com

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