Best Road Trip Vehicles of the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

After spending road tripping out to Chicago for the 2017 Chicago Auto Show in a brand new Maserati Ghibli, we couldn’t help but wonder what other cars on the show floor would make great road trip vehicles. We loved the Ghibli for its ability to gobble up long stretches of highway and tight, twisty roads with ease, but depending on your situation, there might be even better options out there. So we figured we’d break down our coverage of the show into a list of our best road trip vehicles based on different possible adventures or goals.

 All Highway, All The Time: 2017 Genesis G80

If you’re trying to cover long distances and get from Point A to Point B as quickly and comfortably as possible, you’d want something comfortable and fuel efficient. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have something reasonably quick and if you’re planning on covering a lot of ground regularly, reliability and service life are key. That’s why our vote goes to the Genesis G80. It’s a sharp-looking mid-size sedan with plenty of room for four adults and their luggage while getting almost 30 MPG on the highway. Plus, the 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty means you can basically drive it forever without a care in the world.

Living the High Life: 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label

If you want to roll up somewhere in style, it’s hard to look much better than when you’re getting out of the new Lincoln Continental. The new Continental is pivotal to Lincoln’s new image and few cars in its class offer this much luxury and refinement. From the 400-hp twin-turbo V6 to the 30-way adjustable front seats trimmed in buttery soft leather, to the unique chromed exterior door handles beautifully integrated into the top of the door trim, the Continental is full of little details aimed to delight you every time you drive it. And that’s great news because this car was built for covering plenty of ground in opulent comfort and stepping out, feeling refreshed.

Go Anywhere, Any Time:  Expedition Overland’s 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Say you’re trying to go from Point A to Point Z, but in between are a forest, a desert, and a mountain range full of points B through Y. You need something with ground clearance, knobby tires, extra fuel capacity, and plenty of recovery options in case you get stuck. That’s why the 2015 Toyota 4Runner that was built by the guys at Expedition Overland is the vehicle you want to get stuck in. Between the rock-solid Toyota reliability and the overbuilt parts that have been fitted to this 4Runner, it’s ready for nearly anything you can through at it. Plus, with the roof-top tent, deep-cycle battery setup, and the onboard fridge and stove, you won’t need to waste any time looking for a hotel.

Fun for the Whole Family: 2018 Ford Expedition

Traveling with the whole family can be a struggle. Things get cramped, kids get bored, someone inevitably spills a baggy full of Cheerios all over the back seat… But the new 2018 Ford Expedition makes family trips just a little bit easier with room to spread out for six or seven passengers, plus each front seat has a screen mounted to the head rest to keep the rear seat passengers entertained. For the adults, the latest SYNC system has made its way into the Expedition, and the use of aluminum throughout the body has reduced weight while also increasing fuel economy which means a smaller dent in the wallet on the long drive to grandma’s house.

Feeling the Wind in Your Hair: 2017 Mazda MX-5

There are few more freeing feelings than cruising down the road in a convertible and feeling the wind in your hair on a warm summer day. And honestly, there’s no better car to do that in than the MX-5. It’s been the best selling convertible in the world since basically forever, and we absolutely adore it. Plus, it looks good, sounds good, and even gets great fuel economy so you can keep the good times rollin’, mile after mile.

The Land Missile: 2017 Ford GT

If you really need to haul the mail, there are few cars better equipped for outright speed than the Ford GT. With 647 horsepower on tap from the twin-turbocharged V6 under the carbon fiber bodywork, the Ford GT has a cruising speed of up to 216 MPH, making it the fastest production vehicle Ford has ever built. There isn’t a lot of room for luggage though, so you’d better pack light. Really light. Actually, you’re better off just driving it to and from the race track and having a buddy with a bigger car or truck haul your things for you…

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