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Best Firework Displays in the Twin Cities

Most everyone loves fireworks (with the exception of most dogs who hide under the bed when they go boom), and that’s why we’re chomping at the bit for the 4th of July firework displays. Not only are these displays going to be on the fourth, but when it falls on a Tuesday like it does this year, it could be the weekend before and after!

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MN C&C – June 3rd, 2017 Edition

After outgrowing their last location, MN C&C decided to move on to bigger and better plans! With a short hiatus in May, they revealed to the eager C&C group that their new location would be held at Canterbury Park. The better news? More parking spots. The even better news? Food trucks. When the first Saturday in June finally arrived, Mother Nature smiled on the C&C crowd and gave us a cloudless day with temperatures perfect for devouring a snow cone! We’re looking forward to a great new season at Canterbury Park!

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