Not Just a Car, An Attitude

The Miata commands a confident driver… maybe? I recently got to drive one, and I can most certainly say that confidence is a quality I bring behind the wheel. And I’m sure all the others on the road would have agreed, as they drove a cautious 10 miles an hour under the speed limit behind a sports car.

The Miata’s interior is slick. It’s got comfy, leather seats that make you feel kind of like a racecar driver – again, I’d assume (I’ve never actually been a racecar driver). It boasts a modern entertainment system / GPS, which was awesome and convenient. There’s a button to switch back and forth between the radio and the map. Nifty. What else? A beautiful steering wheel, which I held securely with both my hands at ten and two the entire time because I have the courage and class of a 19th-century British dandy.

It’s a really cute car also. It’s so small, it makes its wheels look so big, almost like a puppy’s eyes. The one I got to drive was white, with a retractable, red top – perfect for an early-morning, wind-in-your-hair, rising-sun-on-your-face drive to July’s MN Cars & Coffee – which I didn’t even think about opening. There’s no telling what all could have gone wrong trying to put that thing down. Confidence.

Beyond looks though, this car does drive very well – again, I would assume. My expertise is actually more in Italian sports cars, so… I’m just kidding. I can’t even name an Italian sports car. I have no expertise at all. I kept turning around to check my blind spot, but the car is so small. You are driving and simultaneously sitting in the back of the car, so I don’t think there was a blind spot on the left-hand side. *chuckle* (The other possibility was that I was driving the car incorrectly, there is a blind spot and I am so lucky I didn’t crash into someone.) I’m sure people see me on the street and think, “wow, that person. She must know what she’s doing.”

In conclusion, the Miata proved to be a formidable car, and if I’m so lucky, in the distant future, I might own and operate one every day. I’m just kidding. Please don’t make me do that.

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