Meet Chris the Corolla

They say when you name something, you are more likely to get attached. And, boy, am I attached to my Corolla named Chris. 

Months before I even owned my Corolla, I was thinking about the name ‘Chris.’ It was the summer between senior year of high school and freshman year of college – the best summer ever. My only responsibility was to make final memories with my high school friends before we parted ways. One item on my bucket list that summer was to catch a turtle. When I was telling my friend about this task, I jokingly added, “and its name will be Chris.”

Summer was halfway over, and I still hadn’t even seen a turtle. My blue-mood from not having found Chris the Turtle yet was only intensified when I received news that my twin brother totaled my first car, a 2004 Audi A4 – which I absolutely adored. I wasn’t sure if I could ever fill the hole left in my heart when I lost my German friend until I pulled into the driveway and saw the so-ugly-it’s-cute Toyota Corolla my dad bought for me as a replacement. Don’t get me wrong, grateful is an understatement, but going from a luxury vehicle with a turbo under the hood to a pathetic 1.8L 4-cylinder engine was a difficult transition. Not to my surprise, my replacement car was slow. Turtle slow. LIGHTBULB. My new car was green, petite and cute – just how I’d imagined the turtle I set out to catch would be. Thus, my car so fittingly got named Chris the Corolla. I love Chris just as much as I loved my fancy-schmancy Audi. I had named my car, and now I was irrevocably attached.

I’m pleased to introduce, Chris the 2004 Green Mica Toyota Corolla.

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