National Food Day – Our Favorite Spots to Celebrate!

One of my favorite icebreaker questions is, “What’s your favorite place to eat?” I believe a person’s favorite food tells a lot about them! Not only that, I’ve accumulated an impressive list of must-try restaurants in the Twin Cities from repeatedly asking this question. Today’s National Food Day, so I’ve asked my colleagues where they recommend going to celebrate.

Adam,  the program director of Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection, shared a whole list of places to grab a bite. He said that Matt’s Bar is unquestionably the best burger place. This Minneapolis landmark is credited with the creation of the Juicy Lucy—careful, it’s hot!

Secondly, Adam suggested heading to Hola Arepa if you’re a lover of Latin cuisine. Their Venezuelan cornmeal-dough arepas are stuffed with made-from-scratch fillings. 

It was a tough choice, but Adam decided that his all-time favorite food is Pho from Quang Restaurant. Quang is a family-owned restaurant located on Eat Street that specializes in authentic Vietnamese dishes. Pho is a broth-based soup with rice noodles, herbs, and beef or chicken. It’s simple yet delicious, and a perfect warm meal for a cold fall evening!

Photographer and Content Specialist Alex is all about beans, cheese, sour cream, guac, salsa, and tortillas. He loves tacos, burritos, and chimichangas equally, so it would be unfair to designate a favorite. Alex swears that Pineda Tacos, a standalone authentic Mexican restaurant in Plymouth, is the best place to get all three. I’ve been there and can vouch for Alex—their burritos are absolutely incredible. Next time you’re craving Mexican, take a risk and stray from Chipotle for once. Pineda Tacos won’t let you down!

Gabe, Morrie’s Content Creator, offered a competing Mexican spot. When I asked his favorite food he wholeheartedly replied, “There is only one correct answer to this question, and it’s Mexican food. All of it. And the place to get it is Taco Riendo in Northeast Minneapolis.” He commented that their website is underwhelming, but that their food is FABULOUS.


Danielle, Morrie’s Graphic Designer, hails from Chicago, so pizza. One time she ate at Blaze Pizza, a fast-casual, order-to-preference pizza chain, which was, “you know, decent, I guess. Or was it Punch Pizza?” Either way, for this Chicago-native, the pie was passable. She would like to note however, that there is a Giordano’s in Uptown, and if you’re going to have pizza, you might as well do it right. Deep dish sits at the top of the pizza food chain, and anyone who disagrees is lying to themselves.

Derek, a Video Specialist here at Morrie’s, is a devoted meat lover. He commented, “I love pulled pork whether it’s in a burrito, on a sandwich, or just on the side by itself. The best place to go is Brasa Premium Rotisserie. It’s probably the most flavorful and tender pulled pork I’ve ever had.” They say they serve food inspired by flavors of the Southern U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico. Not to mention, their cornbread and corn tortilla chips are supposedly amazing as well. My mouth is watering! 

I’ll add some seafood to the mix – My twin brother and I celebrate our birthday at the same spot every year, The 1029 Bar. The ambiance isn’t the most pleasing, but their lobster rolls sure are! You might have heard of the Smack Shack food truck—the 1029 Bar is the kitchen that the Smack Shack’s lobster rolls originated from. The thick, crisp Texas toast is stuffed with loads of fresh, flavorful lobster. Trust me, they don’t skimp on the lobster meat!

Let us know if you try any of our favorite food spots and tag us in your food selfies @morriesauto on Instagram! 

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