Top 5 Haunted Attractions in MN

When you think Fall, do you get excited about pumpkin spice candles, dates to the apple orchard, rainbow Oak trees, and plaid flannels? Or do you think Zombie pub crawls, gory Halloween costumes, and Anoka’s abandoned asylum?

If you’d categorize yourself under Option B, you’ll appreciate this list of haunted houses in Minnesota. Like staying up late? Visit any one of these and even the bravest of your friend group will be too freaked out to sleep!

Located in the scarcely-known burg, Garden City, Northern Frights isn’t just a haunted house. This is a five-part horror production in the Minnesota Wilderness. Could you handle all five? 

During their first attraction, Legends, you’ll walk through the woods with Big Foot and ghosts. Not scary enough? Well, Zombie Outbreak is a half mile walk through woods as well, but this time – you guessed it – the woods are infested with zombies. Still not scary enough? Killer Clowns 3D is the third attraction. Put on your 3D glasses and imagine overwhelming bright, neon lights making it impossible to see the killer clowns approaching from all sides until they’re right in your face. Mere child’s play? Phobias is described with such: “Are you afraid of spiders? Small spaces? Dark corridors? You’ll find out on this twisted walk of fear.” If none of that impresses you, the last but certainly not least attraction is Terror Tunnel, a gory tunnel of horror that you’re sure to sprint through.

The attractions are open every Friday and Saturday night in October, and for just $22 you can experience all five. It’s a drive, but for the fear-seeking, it will be well worth the trip. You can also play Zombie paintball at an additional cost.

Right here in Maplewood, Fright Farm is a closer drive but that’s not to say it’s any less horrifying! It’s been voted the ‘Best of’ Haunted Attractions, Fall, Halloween and the like in Minnesota! Tickets are only $12, an incredible price for such a large-scale, professional, theatrical-quality attraction. The Pioneer Press wrote an article on Fright Farm titled Straight-up scary. These guys aren’t clowning aroundAuthor of the article Kathy Berdon makes it pretty clear that this is not something those suffering from coulrophobia, a fear of clowns, would find fun. Pictures depict an evening of gore, gloom, and ghosts. Personally, I’ve already made plans to spend a Fall Friday at Fright Farm!

Fright Farm is also a non-profit, all proceeds go to the D.A.R.E. program and Ramsey County Sherrif’s Foundation. Want to participate but you’re a bit of a scaredy-cat? Sign up to volunteer instead! Fright Farm is open every Friday and Saturday as well as on Halloween. There’s also a Low Scare night on October 28th. There’s plenty of ways to participate, don’t miss out on the fun!

Next, we’re heading to Wyoming, MN –  a place so remote no one will hear you scream. Ooooooo-oooooh. Dead End Haunted Hayride is described as the “Ultimate Horror Experience.” Your evening will include a spine-chilling escape through the cornfield and woods of Pinehaven Farm. They’ll make it seem like you’re departing on a relaxing hayride, but seconds later, rotting zombie hands will reach to pull you off, explosions and screeches will pierce your ears and undistinguishable creatures will linger in the surrounding woods. Just when you think the horror is over, you’ll arrive at Sunnyvale Asylum. If the blood-soaked hospital staff allows you to exit, you’ll be faced with a taunting trek through the Garden of Souls. I won’t say much more, but you’ll undoubtedly encounter not-so-bubbly clowns, creepy babydolls and possibly be chased by a masked murderer with a chainsaw. Don’t trip!!

Great news, Dead End Hayride is already open! General admission varies from $20-$30 and they often discount the price if you buy your tickets online. They’re open from 7-11pm, every Friday and Saturday. Unlike many haunted attractions, they’re also open on weeknights. Check out their calendar for more details!

We’ve reached our fourth house of horrors. Hell Woods serves up anything you could possibly be afraid of. Witches, demons, monsters, ghosts, werewolves, zombies, vampires and the list goes on. If you’re looking for gore, this is your Halloween haven. 

Hell Woods is in Hugo, MN and it’s opening night is September 28th. It’s open all of October, Thursday through Sunday as well as extended days the week of Halloween. Buy your tickets online to save $10 but don’t expect anyone to save you from Hell Woods, you’re on your own! 

I have to say, I didn’t think it could get spookier than Deadend Hayride, but I think Dreadwood Haunted Forest might take the cake – if that cake was rotting and haunted by murdered bakers and had like human ears in it of course. To start, this is in the middle of nowhere – we’re not just talking isolated. We’re talking isolated in Wisconsin. (Hudson, Wisconsin to be specific.) Secondly, it’s too scary for children. 13 years of age and under aren’t allowed entrance. Dreadwood doesn’t host your typical scary clowns or walking vintage dolls. They’ve dug up some rotting, ghostly corpses and scattered them throughout the property. Your mission upon arrival – if you make it down the spooky driveway that is – is to navigate the half-mile dirt path while being preyed upon the abominably undead – Best of luck!

On a lighter note, Dreadwood Haunted Forest isn’t just a manufacturer of nightmares – they’re also involved with four different charities. United Way St. Croix Valley Food Shelter, Sharing and Caring Hands, Courage Center, and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The Dreadwood Foundation is a 5013C nonprofit, the entrance fee is $16 and every penny goes to next years haunt or charity and they even offer a discount to customers who bring canned food items to donate. Since its opening in 2010, Dreadwood has donated more than 20,000 pounds of food and more than $137,000 to nearby charity organizations. Spend an October Friday or Saturday at Dreadwood Haunted Forest to support a spin-chilling, warm-hearted organization!

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