Where to Celebrate National Coffee Day in the Twin Cities

When it comes to coffee, everyone has an opinion. Understandably so, roast level and flavor of creamer are VERY serious matters. I decided to take advantage of the diverse coffee opinions here at the Morrie’s Automotive corporate office, and I’ve compiled a list of must-try drinks at coffee places throughout the twin cities for you to try out!

I started my data collection with the Directors of Training, Katie and Michelle. Katie’s favorite place to make coffee is in her kitchen, every morning she makes herself a cup of African Cinnamon Coffee, a bold and spicy light roast. She very persuasively shared, “All other coffee sucks. If anyone needs proof, I’m happy to bring some in.” I did some research, Cameron’s Specialty African Cinnamon Coffee is on the shelves at Walmart, Amazon and Fleetfarm – give it a try and let us know if it’s as to-die-for as Katie proclaims! Michelle, on the other hand, didn’t have quite as strong of an opinion. She agreed making coffee at home is the way to go, and she also specified that she likes “just a tinyyyy bit of vanilla creamer.”

Next, I headed to the finance office. Apparently, number-lovers aren’t coffee-lovers. Both Patrick and Amy said they weren’t huge coffee drinkers. Patrick explained that he really dislikes hot beverages, so when he stops for a coffee – which is a rare occurrence – it’s usually something over ice. Amy is one of those people whose coffee preference is pretty much a milkshake: the Campfire Mocha at Caribou Coffee. Ya know the one with graham cracker crumbs at the bottom and a pile of whip cream embellished with cute, little marshmallows on top?

The ladies in HR were partial to Starbucks. Ashley G said she likes “the coconut something” from Starbucks. I checked with my good friend Google, and he suggested the Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato, Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean Latté or the Iced Cascara Coconut Milk Latté – All three sound delicious to me! Ashley B shared that she’s a simple-coffee girl, she said her go-to is a Grande Iced Coffee with a little cream. Lauren, our Event Coordinator is on team-Starbucks as well. She religiously orders a Vanilla Latté.

Gabe, our Content Creator, gave me the most exciting response when I asked about his favorite place to get coffee. He claims, “Anything from Five Watt Coffee is pretty unreal”. I looked into it a bit, and unreal is a fitting descriptor. Below is a picture of the Hibernator – Cold press, Toasted Almonds, Honey, Milk. Another delicious, hipster sounding drink on their menu is the Pumpkin Spice Lawsuit – Pumpkin Puree, Spices, Cinnamon Bitters, House-made Cinnamon Whip.

I am admittedly dependent on coffee, and my only excuse is that I’m still in college. That being said, I am still on a college budget, so I tend to stick to K-Cups when it comes to coffee. One of my favorite ways to glamorize my cup of Joe is to mix in a pack of Diet Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate to make a mocha on a college-student budget! However, there are a plethora of fancy coffee shops near St. Thomas, so I do splurge fairly often. Some of my favorite spots around campus are Kopplin’s Coffee next door to Izzy’s Ice Cream on Marshall Avenue, and Coffee Bené at the corner of Cleveland and Grand Avenue. Kopplin’s is well known for their Maple Latté – peak below, it looks delicious! Coffee Bené’s seasonal drinks are a hot (literally) commodity. I hope to try their Pumpkin Pie Latté, Butterbeer Laté, and Toffee Butter Crunch Latté before Peppermint Mochas take over for the winter. I’ve tried teas at both places as well, Coffee Bené’s Jade Cloud green tea and Blueberry Hibiscus herbal tea are my top two.

Statistics say there are 24,000 coffee shops in the United States and we’d love to hear your favorite – comment below your favorite place in the Twin Cities to go to fill your mug!

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