What is Morrie’s Teen Driving School?

We’re in the business of selling cars and spreading happiness. Both of these things can come to a screeching halt if there’s an accident – especially when it’s your child in the driver’s seat. That’s why we created Morrie’s StreetSmarts Teen Driving School. Our school teaches teens skills they don’t learn in traditional driver’s ed programs. It gives young drivers the hands-on experience they absolutely need to avoid accidents.

Since we created the school in 2013 hundreds of teens have graduated through the program. As a result, we’ve enhanced the driving experiences for these teens, but we’ve also helped make the roads much safer for everyone in our community. And that’s something to be happy about.


So how does Morrie’s Teen Driving School work?

Every year we host 8-10 teen schools on Saturdays between the months of April and November. Sessions are limited to no more than 15 students to maximize the learning experience. Teens attend with his or her car and are assigned a dedicated instructor that works directly with him or her throughout the day.

The program kicks off with an introductory classroom session attended by the teens and their parents. The curriculum emphasizes defensive driving techniques, vehicle dynamics, and fundamentals of performance driving. We partner with the Brainerd Performance Driving School to help deliver the curriculum. We couldn’t do it without them.

Following the morning classroom session, the remainder of the day is spent on our closed driving course. It is here where each teen applies and builds upon the concepts taught in the classroom session. Course activities get the students skidding, sliding, screeching, spinning and slipping in the car that they drive most. This way, teens get to fully understand their own driving capabilities and those of the car they’ll be driving regularly.

Much of the day is spent on course, learning and building defensive driving skills

In-car activities 

· Slalom
· Emergency braking
· Threshold braking
· Emergency lane change and accident avoidance
· Skidpad and loss of traction exercise
· Oversteer and understeer simulations
· Test of skill
· Advanced vehicle dynamics course
· Plus more

The skidpad exercises teach attendees how to handle slipping, sliding, and spinning

Repetitive exposure, coaching and adjusting to these situations in a controlled environment is the key to building safer drivers. In the end, teen attendees build their knowledge, confidence and muscle memory for handling dangerous situations in the future. They leave with a new foundation of driving skills to build upon. Skills that make them safer drivers. As a result, the roads are safer for all of us.

Registering for Morrie’s Teen Driving School

Registration is now open for Morrie’s 2019 Teen Driving School and sessions are filling fast. Visit the link below to learn more about the school and sign-up your teen.

Click here to register for Morrie’s Teen Driving School

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