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Mazda at the 2016 SEMA Show

Mazda has long been associated with racing and the “Zoom-Zoom” mentality lives on as far as we can tell at the 2016 SEMA show. If you are unaware of what SEMA is it’s, “the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center.” We spent two days cruising around the show looking for the very best that the aftermarket world has to offer. We wanted to check out what the newest and hottest trends in automotive tuning have become, and we can say Mazda is right up there with the best. While Ford may have dominated the show with some off-road, super lifted and crazy trucks, Mazda could be seen by just looking a little lower to the ground.

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Morrie’s Minnetonka Subaru Rally Fest | Ojibwe Forests Rally Kickoff

If you didn’t know that our very own Scott Putnam of Minnetonka Subaru was a rally co-driver of a 2013 Subaru WRX STI, maybe Travis Pastrana, David Higgins and Lauchlin O’Sullivan coming to town was a friendly reminder. The Subaru Rally Team USA drivers and crew stopped by our dealership to show off their amazing rally Subaru’s and mingle with some fans. It was a fun filled night that also played host to an all Subaru car show, and plenty of food and snacks for all. The best part, Travis, David & Lauchlin put down some lap times in Dirt 3 and had anyone who dared challenge them see if they could beat their best times! If you want to check out all these cars first hand running full-out in a rally event this weekend, head up to Detroit Lakes, MN for the Ojibwe Forests Rally! Check out the videos below for a recap of the event and an interview with Travis Pastrana!

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Look Twice…Save a Life!

As a motorcyclist myself I hope nearly everyone has seen this bumper sticker on Minnesota roads. If you haven’t you might want to keep reading on. The weather is starting to turn and that means it’s time to start sharing the road with everyone. On an average day in 2014 there were a reported 215 crashes on Minnesota roads, that is per day! Of these crashes there were a reported 361 fatalities which has slightly decreased year after year, but unfortunately there were 46 motorcyclists who lost their lives in 2014. While all motorcyclists know the dangers of riding, people should to be aware of how to help avoid crashes and makes sure lives aren’t put in danger when they don’t need to be.

The best information we can offer is that if you are a motorcyclist make sure you are riding smart. Always wear the appropriate riding gear and please for your own safety wear a helmet. The Office of Traffic Safety has a great list of tips to keep in mind as Spring approaches:

  • Motorists are advised to watch carefully for motorcycles in traffic and always look twice before turning or changing lanes.
  • Riders are advised to wear full, brightly-colored protective gear, including a DOT-approved helmet.
  • Riders should travel at safe speeds, pay attention, maintain a two-second following distance and ride sober.
  • Riders should seek safety training.

We at Morrie’s care about the safety of motorists on the road and want to make sure you and your family are safe and practicing safe habits while behind the wheel. For more information please visit the pages below and make sure to always look twice!


2015 Distracted Driving Results

2014 Crash Facts

MN Motorcycle Safety Center

Motorcycle Rider Safety Courses


Morrie’s 394 Hyundai Wins Regional Video Contest


Hyundai decided to put out a contest that went nationwide to promote their Certified Pre-Owned program. There are many benefits to the program and purchasing a CPO vehicle, so Morrie’s 394 Hyundai decided to come up with a few ideas for a video shoot. What we were tasked to do was create a video that displayed the benefits of the Certified Pre-Owned program as well as adding a level of creativity to it. We ended up turning that video into a 2 minute award winning video!



As Hyundai stands today there are 4 regions with more than 600 dealerships nationwide that were eligible to compete in the CPO video contest. There was some tough competition but, we want to congratulate all the other winners in their regions!

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