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The Benefits of Driving with Snow Tires

When winter hits here in Minnesota it’s always good to be prepared and we have a few winter driving tips to help with that. One of the most important things to factor in is that the only thing between your car and the road is your tires. Making sure you have well treaded tires is a great idea and another huge advantage to that is adding snow tires to your vehicle. More >

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Gearhead Dads

Let’s be honest, the last thing dad needs is another tie.  If you’ve put off buying that father’s day gift don’t fret, it’s not too late.   Below is a list of a few unique gifts for all the gear head dads out there.  Each is sure to get your dad’s motor running.


1.  Have you caught dad channeling his inner Mario Andretti behind the wheel?  Perhaps he plays armchair racecar driver on weekends watching his race series of choice?  By giving him the gift of a trackday at Brainerd International Raceway dad can see what his car can do on this legendary racetrack or even get behind the wheel of a purpose built racecar.   Track days start at $295.  Visit for more details.



2.  Give dad the opportunity to ride in a tank, drive a tank, or if you really love him let him crush a car with a tank.     Just make sure it’s not your car….  Packages start at $199 and go up quite quickly from there.  Visit for more details.



3.  Had dad always wanted a sportscar?  Why not fulfill his dreams with a new Bentley or Maserati—-in 1/43rd scale.  If he’s not a model car guy, why not get him a hat, keychain or shirt from the the boutique at Morrie’s Luxury Auto or online at   Official Bentley and Maserati gear starts from around $20.



4.  Give dad the opportunity to scratch his automotive itch even in the dead of winter with one or a few quintessential automotive focused movies.  Each movie below is a must see for auto enthusiast dad’s of all ages.  Oh, and we included direct links to order them too.




Le Mans




Grand Prix

1 – The Movie



5.  While outdoorsmen like to hang animals on their walls, motorsports enthusiasts prefer putting their favorite racetracks on their walls.  Linear edge offers a full range of race track sculptures for all the tracks dad has been to and all the others he’s only dreamed of visiting.



6.  Help dad keep his car looking shiny and new with a car care kit form Griots Garage, available from $65 here.   If dad isn’t the type to get his hands dirty, treat him to a full-service detail from any one of Morrie’s locations.













StreetSmarts Defensive Driving Program Powered by Morrie’s Automotive Group

Today we kicked off our first Teen Driving School event in partnership with BIR Performance Driving School in an effort to teach teens the skills they need when acquiring a drivers license. The Driving Defense Program was held at the National Sports Center and was the first test run at an event that we will be offering regularly this summer. The program is designed to help young drivers to feel comfortable and confident when behind the wheel by teaching them the advanced techniques they need to become safe, responsible drivers.


Here’s a quick break down of the program and what it entails:

Teens will attend Classroom instruction and in-car exercises (in their own car) and those will include the following:

Fundamental vehicle dynamics and knowing the limits of your car

Emergency and threshold braking including ABS activation

Emergency lane change maneuvers

Skidpad exercises and traction loss

Distracted driving exercises simulating texting and driving under the influence

Combined skills course

A few of our teen drivers at the National Sports Center today!

If you are interested in our Summer Defensive Driving Program please contact us at 952-797-1336. We look forward to hearing from you!


Preparing for Winter Weather Conditions

Weather patterns change quickly here in the midwest and so do road conditions. In the blink of an eye you could be stranded in your vehicle so we did some research of our own to help you be more prepared. We talked to employees in different departments at our Chippewa Valley Mazda dealership and they provided some helpful tips to ensure safe winter driving.

Our staff recommends that you keep these items in your car at all times in case of emergency: A blanket, water, a knife or scissors, glow sticks, road flares, a flashlight, hand and feet warmers, a first aid kit, matches, a candle, booster cables, hat and gloves, an extra set of warm clothes, an ice scraper, and a bag of road salt, sand, or kitty litter.

With icy conditions, our Service Manager suggests using kitty litter or road salt if you get stuck. Put the litter under your tires to help gain added traction. Our Sales Manager suggests digging snow away from your exhaust pipe if you become stuck in deep snow. This prevents the exhaust from seeping back into your vehicle and becoming a hazard. Some other suggestions from staff members included staying in your vehicle until emergency personnel arrive, always carrying a cell phone with a car charger, and packing a snack that won’t spoil or freeze. Maneuvering the roads in Wisconsin/Minnesota during winter months can be dangerous, but being prepared with some of the simple tips above can help if you find yourself stranded.