What’s Going On 5/27 – 5/30



Forever Young Prom - May 27th

Did you go to your Prom? If not, you can now! First Ave will be hosting the Forever Young Prom which will probably be a bunch of old people dancing poorly (Josh) to bad music from the 90s and early 2000s. Head downtown on Friday, May 27th in the main room.

Grand Prix de Monaco - May 29th

Morrie’s Luxury Auto will host a viewing of the Monaco Grand Prix viewing party on Sunday, May 29th. The Monaco Grand Prix may be one of the most prestigious racing event held in the world, maybe even more so than The 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is a long-running tradition of yachts, champagne and burning rubber on Circuit de Monaco. We will be catering in something special from our friends at Edelweiss Bakery. The doors open at 6:30 am and the race starts at 7:00 am.

Soundset Festival - May 29th

Minnesota is known for our locally-built music label Rymesayers Entertainment. They have a huge summer music festival called Soundset that is celebrating its ninth year. This year features over 35 performers who will take the stage on Sunday, May 29th. Tickets are available for the all-day event that takes place at the State Fair Grounds.

Memorial Day Weekend

As long as the Minnesotan weather cooperates with us this weekend, Memorial Day is the perfect time to be outdoors. As far as events go, step outside your front door. Go to the nearest tent. Buy things on sale. Done.

What’s Going On – 5/6 – 5/8


MNC&C – Saturday, May 7th

After the downright chilly April MNC&C we’re looking forward to a little more warmth there this Saturday. We’re expecting a huge crowd and figured we may as well bring out the big guns. We’ll have a handful of exotics from Morrie’s Luxury Auto on hand, a couple of your favorite heritage cars and a couple racy Subarus thrown in for good measure. First time to MNC&C? The event runs from 8am to 11am at theAutoMotorplex in Chanhassen.

Wizard Worlds Comic Con – Friday, May 6th through Sunday, May 8th

If slipping on spandex and dressing up like your favorite superhero is your thing you probably already know about Wizard Worlds Comic Con. Seriously though, it appeals to more than just comic fans. The event brings it all – Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Graphic Novels, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles, Anime, Manga & More! Anyone know what Manga is?

Artful Living Kentucky Derby Party – Saturday, May 7th

Join us at Artful Living Magazine’s second annual Kentucky Derby Party this Saturday. Morrie’s Luxury Auto will be hosting rides in Aston Martins, Bentleys and Maseratis at the party. Expect big hats, mint juleps, cigars, delicious food and prizes.

Complicated Fun: the Minneapolis Music Scene – Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th

The 1980s were a storied era for Minneapolis music with group like Suicide Commandos, the Suburbs, the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis hitting the airwaves and taking to local stages. While we can’t take you back to that era (because our Delorean is broken) you can attend a tribute at Complicated Fun: the Minneapolis Music Scene.

What’s going on 4/15- 4/17


Minneapolis Hitchcock Film Festival –April 14th – May 9th

This Thursday the Heights and Riverview Theaters kickoff the 7th annual Minneapolis Hitchcock Film Festival. This is your opportunity to enjoy four classics from the master of suspense all on the big screen.  The fest kicks off with a screening of Vertigo, a romantic story about obsession, manipulation and fear. More than one person has attributed the same words to classic car ownership. Good thing there’s a great little group out there that will rent you a classic instead, you know so you can avoide the fear, obsession and wallet manipulation.

Record store day – Saturday, April 16th

This Saturday is the official day to celebrate vinyl. Now we’re not talking about Grandpa’s Naugahyde couch or those cheap dress shoes you bought ages ago – no we’re talking about national record store day. It’s a day to get out and support your local independent record shop. Don’t have a favorite? You could always consider Fifth ElementTreeHouse RecordsElectric FetusDown in the ValleyHymie’sEclipse orKnowName just to name a few.

VSCR Spring Swap Meet – Saturday, April 16th

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than by stocking up on vintage car parts. You’ll have an opportunity to do so this Saturday at the Vintage Sports Car Racing (VSCR) Spring Swap Meet. Beyond offering a chance to browse the latest relics dug out of local garages the meet provides a great opportunity to do some bench racing with like-minded car enthusiasts. Who knows, you may even join the club. We’d recommend it.

Chinese Grand Prix Live Screening at the Dojo – Sunday, April 17th

Some people say that nothing good happens after 2am and generally we agree with them, that is unless there’s a lively Formula 1 viewing party on the calendar. Stock up on the Red Bull and join us at the MHCC Dojo this Sunday morning at 12:30am for a live screening of the Chinese Grand Prix. Alex will be there with a curated selection of sugar filled candies to help keep your eyes peeled.

What’s Going On 4/8 – 4/10



Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival – April 7th through April 23rd

This week the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul kicks of its 35th annual International Film Festival. It’s the largest in the region, one of the largest running film festivals in the country and this year it will present over 200 films from 60 countries. With so many films to choose from we thought we’d make it easy for you. Go see Speed SistersIt’s a film about five determined women who have joined the ranks of dozens of male drivers in Palestine.

Wanda Sykes at the State Theater – Friday, April 8th

Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then. Wanda might be just the medicine. She’s been voted one of the 25 funniest comedians in America and this Friday you can see here right here in Minneapolis. Would that make her one of the funniest people in Minneapolis? Hmm.

Har Mar Superstar at First Avenue – Friday, April 8th

If laughing your butt off at the aforementioned comedy show isn’t up your alley perhaps you’d prefer dancing your butt of at the Har Mar Superstar show? The man “was born to rock a stage” and brings credit to an otherwise boring Roseville Mall.

Marvel Universe Live – April 7th through 10th

Break out your adult superhero pajamas because the Marvel superheroes are coming to town for a “show like you’ve never seen before.” Marvel Universe brings Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk and other threatening villains to life in an action-packed arena extravaganza. If your 4-7 year olds sees that they’re coming to town you’ll be threatened with a lifetime of incessant whining and guilt unless you get tickets to the event.

What’s Going On 4/1-4/3



Macro Machines at Gamut Gallery – Now through April 23rd

In his latest works artist Russ White uses artistic interpretations of his childhood micro machines to bring satirical visions of adulthood to life. Admittedly this all sounds a little too deep for us so we’ve created our own summary: see some pretty sweet illustrations of exaggerated childhood toys. If imagery of monster trucks jumping off the page inspires you beyond face value consider it a bonus.

MNC&C – Saturday, April 2nd

This Saturday months of pent up automotive enthusiasm will get released at the first MNC&C of the season. If hundreds of great cars on display isn’t a big enough draw (which they should be) you can always just stop by to say hello to us. We’ll be there with the brand new MNC&C shirt available at our tent. We’ll also have a handful of MHCC cars on display, including the infamous Mazda Rotary pickup.

Northwest Sportshow – March 30th through April 3rd

While we certainly won’t dissuade you from coming in and kicking the tires at any one of our dealerships this weekend we also recommend doing so at the Northwest Sportshow. Where else can you buy a RV, pontoon boat, crossbow and John Deere front end loader all in one spot?

Bahrain Grand Prix Viewing Party – Sunday, April 3rd

Round two of the Formula 1 season heats up this weekend as it heads to Bahrain. Will we see another Mercedes one-two finish or will Ferrari upset the silver arrows? The best way to find out is to join us at the MHCC Dojo at 10am. Bring a friend. We dare you.

Look Twice…Save a Life!

As a motorcyclist myself I hope nearly everyone has seen this bumper sticker on Minnesota roads. If you haven’t you might want to keep reading on. The weather is starting to turn and that means it’s time to start sharing the road with everyone. On an average day in 2014 there were a reported 215 crashes on Minnesota roads, that is per day! Of these crashes there were a reported 361 fatalities which has slightly decreased year after year, but unfortunately there were 46 motorcyclists who lost their lives in 2014. While all motorcyclists know the dangers of riding, people should to be aware of how to help avoid crashes and makes sure lives aren’t put in danger when they don’t need to be.

The best information we can offer is that if you are a motorcyclist make sure you are riding smart. Always wear the appropriate riding gear and please for your own safety wear a helmet. The Office of Traffic Safety has a great list of tips to keep in mind as Spring approaches:

  • Motorists are advised to watch carefully for motorcycles in traffic and always look twice before turning or changing lanes.
  • Riders are advised to wear full, brightly-colored protective gear, including a DOT-approved helmet.
  • Riders should travel at safe speeds, pay attention, maintain a two-second following distance and ride sober.
  • Riders should seek safety training.

We at Morrie’s care about the safety of motorists on the road and want to make sure you and your family are safe and practicing safe habits while behind the wheel. For more information please visit the pages below and make sure to always look twice!


2015 Distracted Driving Results

2014 Crash Facts

MN Motorcycle Safety Center

Motorcycle Rider Safety Courses


Who will you support in the Polar Plunge?

It’s Subaru vs. Subaru for the Polar Plunge

Who will you support in the Polar Plunge?

We’re all pretty used to freezing temperatures, wind chills well below zero, mountains of snow, and all the other terrible things that come with Minnesota winters. Most of us do not willingly go outside without a very good reason during these times; much less do anything to add to the cold. Scott and Tina, the managers at our Subaru stores, feel differently.

This year they’ve decided to participate in the Polar Plunge. They’ll jump (or be pushed) into the frozen Lake Calhoun to show their support for the Special Olympics. Each store is trying to raise $5,000 for the cause. A portion of that will come from a $25 donation for each new Subaru sold during the month of February. We’re counting on family, friends, and anyone else who’d like to help out to make up the rest.

The manager of the store to hit the fundraising goal first gets to push the other one into the lake on March 4th. They’ve both been training hard and are pretty confident in their chances of winning—so now we ask you to pick a side and make a pledge.

Support Scott and Team Minnetonka Subaru / Support Tina and Team Brooklyn Park Subaru

Donations raised from the Polar Plunge help thousands of athletes train for and compete in the Special Olympics. Learn more here.

8 Ways you are Wasting Money on your Car . . . or are you? – Part 2


This is part 2 of this blog, check out part 1 here.


5. Buying fancy windshield wipers: Rain, dust, cold, and heat: your wipers’ biggest enemy is simple exposure to the elements. Over time the rubber will break down, regardless of how fancy and organic and sustainable it is. Just get the basic cheap wipers and change ‘em out on the regular.

Basic wipers do work, but I have found you need to change them out more often, especially in colder climates. I’ve tried all the frameless replacements and have actually found some winners. “Fancy” wipers do cost more—sometimes by 3 or 4 times—but they clean your windshield better and work for a longer period of time.

More >

8 Ways you are Wasting Money on your Car . . . or are you? – Part 1



Recently a coworker sent me an article she found an article on thrillist.com titled 8 Car Parts and Services You Shouldn’t Spend Money On. The email subject line was “You’ll hate everything about this article. Literally EVERYTHING.” I started to read the article and the ranting began right on cue. She found it quite amusing, so I thought I should take this to the people. While some points made in the article are good, I am still going to play devil’s advocate. I’ll break them down one by one:


1. Changing your oil too often: Simply put, the mythological 3,000-mile oil change was the domain of your grandfather. Today, the oil is more pure to begin with (especially if you’re using synthetic oil, which you should), your oil filter weeds out more contaminants, and tolerances in your engine are such that less of those contaminating particles get into the oil in the first place. So how long can you go without changing your oil? That’s a controversy for another article entirely, my friend.

Yes, changing oil every 3,000 miles may be too much, but for some cars but it depends on what type of driving and how much you do. Of course you want to follow manufacturer’s recommendation, but If you only drive your car in the city with a lot short drives, you should change your oil a little more often or see if the manufacturer recommends a Severe Duty Interval. On the other side of the coin, if you drive a lot on the highway you may need to change it less often. Your owner’s manual should have this information, and most new cars will just tell you when you should change the oil based on your driving habits. Remember, oil is cheap—engines are not. Using a good quality oil is key; just because something meets the minimum standard doesn’t mean you should use it.


2. “Restoring” your headlights: Sure, that rough yellowy mess on your headlights ruins their effectiveness, but paying big bucks for a “restoration kit” is total trash when you can DIY instead. Get a few sheets of very fine sandpaper from your local hardware store, soak them in water, and sand your headlights using finer and finer paper until it’s perfectly smooth (if it’s really bad, start with something like 400 grit, then progress to 800 and 2,000). Then use a polishing compound to make it shine, and you’re back to being perfectly clear.

Having the best vision possible while driving is important for safety. The DIY kits can be good, but you have to do your research. I have used them all and can objectively say that the ones without drill attachments work better than the ones with the attachment. The article mentions using sandpaper but buying all the parts separately will likely cost more, so the kits are a good value. If you don’t want to tackle this project yourself, check with a dealer or independent detailers to see if they offer this service. It’ll cost more, but it’s hard to do better than someone using the right tools and products.


3. Opting for service contracts: If you’ve ever bought a new car, you’ve no doubt been bombarded with endless contracts and “warranties” that will see all of your maintenance taken care of, as well as damage to wheels and tires, etc. Newsflash: if these truly made financial sense for you to buy, they wouldn’t be profitable for the dealership, and they would no longer be available. Think about that one…

I was also skeptical about these a couple of years ago. I saw some commercials with the big sales pitch “to buy a warranty if your car has less than 100,000 miles on it, call 1-800-blahblahblah.” There are a couple of questions you should ask when you’re thinking about an aftermarket warranty: “will it cover everything?” and “what does it cover?” The answer to the first one is easy: no, it won’t. But Is it going to cover some of the big expensive issues you might have? Yes. Without a warranty, an engine control unit can cost over $2500 to replace. With a warranty, you’ll most likely only pay a deductible in the area of $100. Some warranties cover some items beyond the common things you would expect, like gaskets and seals or one that covers wheel repair and replacement even if you hit a pothole. Of course these make money for whoever sells them, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in them. In fact, I know multiple people who have aftermarket warranties that have paid for themselves multiple times over. Of course the seller is banking on you not using it, but so is everyone that offers a mail in rebate, your health insurance provider, your car insurance provider, and your grocery store coupon booklet. I have car insurance that I have never used it in my almost 20 years of driving and I have health insurance, yes, but I haven’t been to a doctor since I was 12 years old (that’s probably not good argument). Almost all companies are in business to make money, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in it buying something that someone profits off of.


4. Buying over-the-counter fuel additives: You absolutely do need additives in your fuel to keep your engine running as cleanly as possible. Too much of a good thing, however, can be detrimental, and frankly, unless you’re a chemical engineer specializing in gasoline additives, you probably don’t know how much is too much. The higher prices you pay at “brand-name” stations like Shell and Texaco are partly because these extra proprietary detergents are already added to the gas before it goes into your tank. And that you should pay for. But don’t ever buy them over the counter, period.

I kind of agree with this. There are actually some worth buying, but 95% of them are no better than buying good gas. Most companies that advertise detergents in their gas have already mixed in any beneficial additives. Cars with direct injection really don’t have a need for them, and cleaning the fuel system in older cars will require more than a in tank additive (you need a kit that attaches to your fuel rail and costs more than anything you can buy at a gas station).


Check out part 2 of this blog here.