An Iconic Mazda 767B Goes to Auction – Guest Blogger Ryan Senensky


This is one of the most noteworthy Japanese race cars ever produced, the Mazda 767B. Particularly, we have chassis 003 here for auction, which was driven by the Mazda holy trinity of Yoshimi Katayama, Takashi Yorino, and Yojiro Terada at the 1990 24 Hours of Le Mans, where this car took the GTP class win. That of course isn’t the only race this competed in, it took home podiums at Fuji and Le Mans every time it was entered by Mazda and a small book of additional races later in its life.

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What’s Going On – Week of 02/20/17

Home and Garden Show – Saturday, Feb. 24th – 26th

This 60 degree weather had us all ready for Spring right? The best time to plan is early, and that’s why the Home and Garden show is heading to Minneapolis this weekend.

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Our Chicago Auto Show Road Trip: MPLS to CHI

We were given a Maserati Ghibli, a full tank of gas, and a hotel reservation in downtown Chicago. Our goal was to attend the press days, as guests of Mazda USA, at the 2017 Chicago International Auto Show. While the show was the end game, we did a nine hour #MorriesRoadtrip first. Since we had a Maserati, we picked out a few places that would make for a great backdrop and show off the flowing lines of the Ghibli. Some of my first impressions from behind the wheel were that the seats are hard. Not in an uncomfortable way – but rather in a way that when we hit Chicago I wasn’t really ready to fall out of the car and find the nearest Lay-Z-Boy. The more time we spent in the Ghibli, the more it grew on me from a standpoint of comfort and usability. I daily drive an old 911, so the idea of “Navigation” and “Steering Wheel Controls” were a luxury that was very welcome.


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What’s Going On? – Week of 01/30/17

Super Bowl 51 – Sunday, Feb. 5th

We’ve been told that the ‘Super Bowl’ is this weekend, which is apparently some sort of gladiatorial combat involving a leather ball, birds of prey from Georgia, and several East Coast patriots. While we’re not sure what to make of that, it has also come to our attention that there will be some fantastic commercials during breaks on the ‘iron grid’, in addition to a halftime performance by the one and only Lady Gaga. With that being said, if football isn’t your cup of tea we have a few other events on our radar that might work:

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What’s Going On – Week of 01/16/17

The Great Northern – January 27th – Feb. 5th

The Great Northern is a grouping of events between Minneapolis and St. Paul to showcase the very best of the Twin Cities during the wintery months. “We believe in being out in it. The cold. The ice. The snow. The flurries and drifts and whiteouts and whatnot — all of it. We believe in layering up. Bundling up. Wearing big coats, big boots and even bigger hats.” We believe in ice skates, snow skis and snowshoes. We believe in seeing our breath, subzero temps and icicles as big as hockey sticks.”

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