The Ford Mustang was the original pony car back when it debuted in 1964. Designed to carry four passengers in a sporty, comfortable car that was just as stylish as it was fast. Amazingly, it’s survived the test of time, remaining one of the longest continuously produced models of any automaker in the world.

While sales have always been strong in the US, Ford made the decision to make the Mustang a global vehicle, requiring them to step up their game significantly with the 6th generation model in order to take on the best sport coupes from Europe and Japan.

In order to shine on the world stage, Ford took a clean sheet design approach to the 2015 Mustang and fitted things like independent rear suspension, a dramatically improved interior, and new engine options – including an optional turbocharged 4-cylinder for the first time since 1986 – to make this the best Mustang yet.

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