Holiday Shopping in a Santa Fe Sport

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in St. Louis Park, when Adam borrowed one of our 2013 Santa Fe Sport’s to do some shopping at Ridgedale Mall.


Ridgedale Mall

Adam’s mood, on the drive there, was not so sunny. A terrible anxiety griped him as his thoughts turned to the space assets of the vehicle. Adam had never tried to fit anything as large as the 52” TV and iMac, he was planning on picking up for his parents, into a Santa Fe.

As he took a long sip of his double-espresso pumpkin spice latte from Caribou, his mind raced to the defeat he would feel in having to go directly back into the store to return the gifts. He wondered at the shame he would feel from his parents by his showing himself without gifts if they didn’t fit. As the last drop of sweat he had left fell from his face into the fibers of the coat he received from his parents the previous year, he proceeded into the mall.

The experience in the mall lightened the mood. The mall was so busy and humming that some larger vehicles were coerced into parking on top of snow mounds and halfway over curbs, but Adam had no problem getting the Santa Fe Sport into one of the tighter spaces.


The people of the mall were quite friendly and helpful, which had Adam in and out of each store quickly.

Then, the moment of truth arrived. Adam opened the trunk and put the iMac in first, situated like a book on a bookshelf. It fit. Next, the same with the TV. …It was about half out and half in. Adam’s heart sank, but he did not give up. He took out the TV and the iMac and tried again, this time with a little more tact.

He laid the iMac in flat on its face. Then he tried inserting the TV sideways and diagonal, like parallel parking on a hill. That did not seem to be working, so he pushed and pushed at it — to no avail. After several minutes of this, Adam regained composure when he remembered how the Santa Fe Sport’s second row of seats quickly and easily fold down to allow a segment-competitive amount of trunk cargo space.

Adam was able to quickly and easily fold down the second row. He tried one last time to insert the gifts, the same method of the first time. iMac? Yes. TV? Not only did it fit, thought Adam, but he had enough room for a dozen more TVs!

On his way back to the dealership, Adam saw a lot of Santa Fe’s on the road.

The now warm memories put a smile on his face each and every time.


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