Matthew’s 1968 Charger Restoration – Update #1 Pulling the Engine

Since we first introduced you to Matthew’s 1968 Dodge Charger restoration wish a generous group of techs at our Minnetonka Ford store have conducted a mechanical evaluation of the car. While you never know what you are going to turn up when digging into an old car, our techs lucked out. With little more than a draining of the gas tank and some tinkering with the carburetor they were able to get the car up and running like a champ. An inspection of the transmission yielded new fluid and functional shifting into all gears. With no red flags and operational running gear we’ve decided to give the engine a tune up, replace some gaskets and clean it up nicely. Naturally if we see the engine or transmission needs more attention, we will make the necessary repairs.

Yesterday our techs, John and Paul, made quick work of removing the engine and transmission. The next step is sending the Charger out to our Long Lake Bodyworks facility for bodywork.  Upon arrival the body trim, glass, ancillary engine components, interior and lights will be removed to prep for paint. Much like we lucked out on the mechanical end of things, we’ll also benefit from the cars many years spent in dry California. There is no significant rust to speak of and 99% of the body components appear to be there. This will certainly make it easier on the staff at our body shop.

Be sure to check back often for regular updates on the restoration status.

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