Matthew’s 1968 Charger Restoration – Update #2 Body Disassembly


Since our last update there has been a flurry of activity on the 1968 Dodge Charger.  To date the restoration has truly been a team effort.  Upon arrival at Morrie’s Long Lake Bodyworks facility our team of 22 body technicians each enthusiastically volunteered to work on a particular body panel.   In the images below you can actually see where each technician’s name has been written on the car to mark his territory.  Each has been tasked with stripping, repairing, straightening and preparing their assigned part(s) for paint.

As they have dug deeper into it, the Charger is proving to be as clean as it originally looked.  Rust has been almost wholly nonexistent and the dry California climate has really preserved the car nicely.  This has certainly helped keep the schedule on track.   In less than a week’s time much progress has been made and a number of panels are nearly ready for final paint.  The team is shooting to have all the bodywork done and car delivered to our Brooklyn Park Bodyworks location by February 11th.  From there the panels will be reattached and painting commence.

Stay tuned as the transformation process continues.  We’re planning on getting some great photo and video footage of the painting and subsequent assembly processes.




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