The Cadillac User Experience [CUE]

2012 was a very busy year for the Cadillac brand. Not only did they introduce two new models, the ATS and the XTS, they also introduced their breakthrough touch screen infotainment system, CUE. The Cadillac User Experience, CUE, is currently available on the XTS, ATS and the SRX.

The CUE system has an intuitive learning process which is designed to mimic the look and feel of personal electronics that are already on the market. With the purchase of select Cadillac ATS and XTS models, consumers will also receive an iPad3 that comes preloaded with the CUE system app. This helps users to become more familiar with the system before utilizing it on the road.


While driving, the CUE system displays a very simple screen with a select number of icons. When your hand gets closer to the CUE screen, the home menu will automatically pop up. This proximity sensing setting is an auto-industry first. Every time your finger touches the CUE screen you’ll feel a soft pulsing to confirm that you have selected one of the icons, this is designed to help the driver focus more on the road, and less on the screen.

CUE’s home screen gives you the option to customize and personalize the icons exactly how you would like them, similar to the home screen on a smart phone. You can also set up a list of 60 “favorites” which can include, radio stations, telephone contacts, destinations, and much more. The CUE system will also pull your most used applications and keep them in an application tray that sits at the top of every screen, making them easily accessible.

Similar to iPads and tablets already on the market, the CUE allows you to swipe, tap, flick and spread through homepages and customizable information. Another great feature on the CUE system is the natural voice recognition capability. Different from other voice recognition systems, CUE can actually recognize natural conversation commands instead of just specific, limited commands. CUE is also accessible through steering wheel controls, which also helps the driver to focus more on the road and less on the screen while driving. Voice command, touch screen, and steering control make three easy ways for users to control the system.

The CUE system is fully integrated with Bluetooth, which allows you to upload and pair all of your contacts, music, and even Pandora stations right from your mobile device. You are able to pair up to 10 different devices with your CUE system, but keep in mind, only one can be connected at a time.

Cadillac CUE

The CUE system is equipped with 3-D navigation, which makes viewing your guided route much easier for the driver. This advanced navigation also makes it much easier to find a destination close to you.

CUE Navigation

To learn more about the CUE system, or to test drive a vehicle equipped with this breakthrough technology, stop by Morrie’s Cadillac today.

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