MN Cars & Coffee August 2013

The first Saturday of the month fell upon us again this weekend and that meant it was time for another busy day at the Automotorplex in Chanhassen. We experienced a gorgeous sunny summer day and the turnout for the event was incredible. The Automotorplex filled up quickly with over 1,000 cars and 5,000 attendees, making it the best turnout the event has ever seen!

There were an assortment of different cars that made it out on Saturday. From classics to hot new exotics, there was never a dull moment. We are so proud to be able to help out with such an exciting and fun event and each month we look forward to what the first Saturday will bring. Make sure to stop out for the last few events of the season in September and October and make sure you find the Morrie’s tent for a free cup of coffee and pair of Buy Happy sunglasses! For more information on the event head over to the official website for MN C&C. http://www.mncandc.com/

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