Morrie’s Hyundai in South Korea

Our General Manager here at Morrie’s 394 Hyundai was just recently given the opportunity to travel to South Korea to tour the Hyundai Ulsan Plant. The Plant has a production capacity of around 1.6 million units per year so you can imagine there is a lot of ground to cover on a plant tour. The plant is comprised of five independent plant facilities which span 5,000,000 square meters. The plant tour is open to the public but, on this special occasion it was only targeted at general managers and owners of Hyundai dealers from the U.S.

Aaron Velick the General Manger here at Morrie’s 394 Hyundai was also given time to see the unique sites of the city and experience a completely different culture. Being able to tour some historic sites of South Korea and being caught up in the big city had to have been very exciting. A few sites from home like a McDonalds or Hooters, or the small street vendors selling a sorts of afternoon snacks can be quite the thing to see and experience. Also the vehicles themselves can be quite different from what we are able to get here in the States.

The Korean spec vehicles are sometimes a bit different like for example the Sonata Wagon (known as i40 in Korea pictured in white below) which can be a welcomed refresher.

Another great example of style and culture would be the Grandeur Art vehicle which is very similar to the Azera model that we have here. (pictured below)

A little bit of Korean barbecue and Korean hospitality was what really made for a great trip. (Picture of Korean barbecue below) All the U.S. Hyundai support dealer staff was on site and were very kind and generous, bringing a lot of fun to hear a different aspect for a completely different market. Also sharing the food and company of a different culture is a great way to make friends for years to come.



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