Placing Preconceived Notions Behind – The 2015 Genesis and the 2014 Equus


“Put your preconceived notions to the test” was the theme of the evening at Morrie’s 394 Hyundai last night as we put the Hyundai Equus and Genesis on display. People that had never possibly considered Hyundai as a premium luxury sedan came out to the dealership last night to drive the Equus and Genesis. Many people have the been so set in their German luxury sedans that they don’t want to look outside the box. The Hyundai premium models are worth jumping out of that box head first and with pricing that won’t devastate your wallet it just sweetens the pot that much more. The new Genesis is here and it’s not backing down from the competition.



If you haven’t had the chance to drive the all new Genesis it is certainly worth your time to drive down to Morrie’s 394 Hyundai and take one for a spin. Now offered for the first time in an AWD drive format (HTRAC) Hyundai really wants to bring the Genesis to a new market level. The interior is beautifully laid out featuring Ivory seat options with black piping inside the Casablanca white or many other interior and exterior options. The redesigned front grille on the Genesis gives it an aggressive and demanding feel to the front end of the vehicle. People recognize when you put that 5.0L 420 hp V8 to the ground you’ll be meaning business.



Make sure your next premium luxury sedan shopping experience is at Morrie’s 394 Hyundai with the all new 2015 Genesis and 2014 Equus and have your notions changed forever.

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