KBB’s 2015 Best Buy Award Goes To The 2015 Ford F-150


Ford’s new aluminum bodied Ford F-150 takes another award on the podium as Kelly Blue Book gave it the 2015 Best Buy Award. I’ve had the pleasure of driving the new F-150 on and off the track at several for Ride and Drive Events and I have to say that it is truly an icon of innovation, technology, safety, handling, utility, and just all-around fun. In summary if you haven’t driven a 2015 F-150 you are missing out. And apparently Kelly Blue Book agrees.



KBB’s full article can be found on their website but to summarize their brilliant article and award, they simply stated the F-150 is “Innovation with Real-World Benefits” and they couldn’t be more right. Everything about this truck down to the gauge cluster menus is ingenious and user-friendly. And the best part? The F-150 is the most customizable truck on the market. From 5 trim levels, three Cab styles, Bed-Liners, interior options, Tonneau Covers, running boards, and the whole gamut of options offered, there is a truck for everyone and a tool for every job.



The interior is by far where the F-150 wins over the driver if the exterior styling didn’t already. Inside the F-150 everything just works. Pure and simple. From the climate controls to the steering wheel’s hands-free bluetooth controls, the truck is more ergonomic than most recent sedan models. Roomy, comfortable, and open are the three things that enter my mind when describing it. The gauge cluster even looks cool.



My favorite part about the F-150 is just driving it. The ride and drive of this truck feels more like a well grounded SUV than a Pickup. Most of that is in part to the 700 pound-weight savings that Ford intuitively took straight off the top of the truck. Aluminum has never felt so good behind the wheel and the new light weight body is more resilient than regular steel meaning more rigidity and better handling.



That lift gate in the picture above? It’s powered. With the click of the key FOB you can literally drop the tailgate. It’s small things like this that make the new F-150 so usable. Clunky NAV systems, Infotainment Centers, and cheap interior materials litter so many competitor’s trucks and yet Ford has pulled out all the stops when it comes to making your life easier when your in utility-mode with the F-150. There’s even a camera view to help you align your trailer hitch and trailer connector. I’m not kidding. You can literally back up your hitch with pin point accuracy by yourself now.



To wrap it up, the new 2015 Ford F-150 is continuing to grow into itself and show the world what it’s capable of. If you are in the market for a new truck there’s no better option according to… well, just about everyone. Even if you weren’t planning on a new truck for a while, maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Don’t just take my word for it. Take the most reputable and trusted vehicle resource in America at its word.

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