Morrie’s Teen Driving School Featured on Kare11

This morning Kare 11 news ran a feature story on Morrie’s Teen Driving School providing viewers a glimpse at what the school has to offer.  For the story reporter Alicia Lewis got behind the wheel to experience four of the exercises taught in the full day school.

Founded last spring, the school goes beyond traditional driver’s ed program by teaching young drivers life saving skills that they simply don’t learn through conventional programs.  A series of exercises are taught throughout the day on a closed course that enables young drivers to experience situations they’d otherwise experience in the real world.  In doing so the course teach attendees new skills, increases driver confidence and ultimately creates muscle memory that will improve their safety in real world driving conditions.

Thus far five teen driving schools have been scheduled for the 2015 season with the first kicking off on April 25th.

For more information and to register visit www.morries.com/teenschool.



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