A Bronco on the Beach at the 2016 Wayzata Chilly Open

For the last few years, we’ve been sponsoring the Wayzata Chilly Open. In addition to being a great big chili cook-off for the businesses in Wayzata and neighboring cities, Lake Minnetonka plays host to thousands of “golfers” and spectators who come out to play 9 holes worth of golf on the ice. This year, three distinct courses were set up out on the ice, with Morrie’s sponsoring one of the courses. We set up a booth for Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection and brought our Banana Bronco out on the ice.

The theme this year was “Superheroes” so we turned our hole into a cityscape straight from Spiderman, complete with action figures. If a golfer knocked one of the villains (either the Green Goblin or Venom) off the top of our cityscape they got an automatic hole-in-one! We had a great time out on the ice meeting all the golfers and spectators that came by our booth and were happy to keep people warm with our fire bit. Some of the costumes were really fun and over the top too! Take a look at our photo gallery below to see what we mean.


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