Ford at the 2016 SEMA Show

Ford had one of the coolest booths this year at the 2016 SEMA show and we wanted to share all the amazing Fords we found during our time at the show. If you are unaware of SEMA it’s, “the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center.” We spent two days wandering around—if you’ve never been, it’s impossible to explain the sheer size of the show. The grounds of the venue are massive and after walking around 21 miles we still didn’t see all of it! The Mustang and Focus RS had to be some of the most popular vehicles to modify this year, and we found no shortage of them wherever we went.

Some of our favorites were found right inside the Ford display, where Ford invited custom build shops to display their amazing works of art and speed. In all honesty we can say that we have never been blown away by a Taurus until we saw this one on at the booth. With just a little bit of a more aggressive stance, some really uniquely colored wheels and a lower splitter, this thing was on point.

This one took us a little bit a pondering, staring, and question asking before we got to the bottom of it. It’s from a company “Zero to 60 Design” and was made to pay homage to the highly anticipated 2017 GT. Of course what else would you name it besides, “GTT”? The level of detail was insane all the way down to the ProCharger Supercharger that is said to make around 800+hp! Some HRE Wheels tucked up under an Eibach Suspension kit and you have one of the best ‘stangs at the show.

When we say that the GTT was one of the best, that’s because you can’t outdo the Hoonicorn that the masterminds behind Ken Block created. In its current form, Block called the car “undrivable,” which seems to be blatantly obvious from the two massive turbos jetting through the hood. We’d like our shot behind the wheel of the Hoonicorn which at one point in its life may have been a 1965 Mustang, but those days are long gone.

Don’t let this little Fiesta ST confuse you for anything more than a massive fire-breathing dragon in Kimono Dragon form. One of the coolest builds we found in the Ford display, the full race turbo kitted, Borla exhaust spitting right out of the rear bumper, beast that happened to also have a massive fender flare design. The build was exactly how we’d like a small featherweight boxer class build to be, and we couldn’t find a better Fiesta at the show.


If these didn’t make the cut for you, make sure to check out our videos from the show.

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