Building a Winter Trunk Kit

Last Update: January 2019

Any Minnesotan worth their salt knows that Murphy’s Law is in full effect during the winter months. This frequently manifests in the form of automotive issues. They range from something as simple as your car not starting all the way to hitting a patch of black ice and sliding into the ditch. Preparing your car for winter can help you avoid both of those scenarios. Building your winter trunk kit is first on the prep list.

While you may not be able to stop these things from happening, you can certainly be prepared for them. Having a winter trunk kit helps ensure that you’ll remain safe, comfortable and in good spirits until you’re back on the road.

Winter Trunk Kit Essentials

The winter trunk kit is a carefully curated assortment of items that are invaluable during emergency situations. Here’s what we put in ours.

  • A blanket to keep you warm if you’re stranded
  • Cat litter to provide extra traction if your car gets stuck
  • Jumper cables in case your battery dies
  • A first aid kit in case of injuries
  • Non-perishable, nutrient-rich snacks
  • A flashlight to signal for help or see at night
  • Toe/hand warmers to keep your extremities in working order
  • Matches in the event you need to start a fire
  • Bottles of water because hydration is key
  • An ice scraper because ice isn’t cool and needs to be destroyed from time to time
  • Extra hats and gloves
  • A fluorescent flag to signal emergency vehicles or rescue crews

Prepare Your Vehicle (and Yourself)

Make sure your gas tank is at least half-full at all times during the winter. Check out our Guide to Winter Car Prep for more tips.

Ensure your vehicle is ready for winter. Visit morries.com to make an appointment for a Winter Ready Inspection.

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