Cars & Fish, One & the Same

I’ve been baiting my own hook and taking off my own fish ever since my life jacket had Tweety Bird on it. Even before we had a cabin, my family fished every weekend during the summer and as often as possible in the winter. I’m sure you’re wondering – yes, as a toddler I did fall through the hole in the ice house. We’re a ‘fisherfamily’ to say the least; my dad even has a rule that when we go on out-of-state vacations the destination has to be within walking distance of water so he can optimize the amount of time he can fish. Growing up on Minnesota lakes has made for endless fish stories and fish fry memories!

Fishing isn’t my only passion, however. I’ve also been interested in all things automotive since I was little, and this Spring I was hired as a Marketing Intern at Morrie’s Automotive Group. It’s the perfect job for a car enthusiast wanting corporate experience. I’ve loved every second of it and benefited from it tremendously already!

In the following piece, I’ll be comparing my two favorite things: fish and cars. I’ve been privileged enough to drive a plethora of cars here at Morrie’s, but I’ll be focusing on just three:

2018 CT6 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo

2018 Audi A7

2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve

The CT6 is comparable to the famous fish of Minnesotan fish fries, the sunfish. Sunfish are small and round, and often known as Bluegill or Pumpkin Seeds. They have a large population and like to live in most shallow water, such as around docks. Sunfish can be caught on anything from earthworms, to crickets to pieces of corn. They’re an easy catch, making for great entertainment for the kids on a sunny afternoon. The CT6 is a bit less kid-friendly. This modern Caddy’s twin turbos give it just over 400hp. This car unexpectedly felt truck-like to drive, just like how small sunfish can unexpectedly put up a fight like a huge bass! The CT6’s interior was beautiful; it was very luxurious while the exterior had a sportier aesthetic.

I like to think of the A7 as the walleye of the road. It’s less likely that you’ll see one of these hatchback-like sedans swimming on the highway, just as walleye are harder to catch than sunfish. Walleye prefer minnows or leeches, and they tend to hang out in cold, deep water. Walleye are oblong; they’re longer than sunfish but shorter and a bit broader than the next contestant, the northern pike. The A7 is definitely sportier than the typical sedan; many sports fishermen dream of a prize-winning walleye for their basement wall. The A7 accelerated impressively quick, yet has less horsepower than the CT6; it has 340hp.

I’ve matched the longest and largest vehicle on the list, the Navigator, to the northern pike. The northern pike is longer and larger than walleyes and sunfish. The northern pike is also faster than both the other fish, just as the Navigator Reserve is faster than both the A7 and the CT6. This large SUV has an incredible 440hp. I felt sophisticated and empowered while driving the Navigator. There weren’t many vehicles on the road larger yet it’s touchscreen technology and lane departure drivers assist made leisurely to drive than a comparable an outdoorsy Ford Expedition. Similar, older northern pikes have no other predators than humans. Don’t hold this fish up by the lip for a picture, they have very large teeth!

Overall, I’d have to say walleye are the tastiest freshwater fish. As well, the A7 ranked #1 in the “Fun to Drive” category in my books. Although my education is the financial priority right now, hopefully someday I’ll have an A7, or even an RS7 of my own. As Dad always said, “Good things come to those who bait”!

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