Mom, can we keep it? | 2018 Ford Explorer Extended Test Drive

Nikki, an accounting assistant at Morrie’s Minnetonka Ford has been thinking about upgrading from her compact crossover to a midsize SUV. To help her make her decision, we sent her home with a 2018 Ford Explorer. Keep reading to see what she and her family thought of the car.

“I’ve spent about a week driving the 2018 Ford Explorer XLT, and it has been such a smooth ride. When I first picked up my boys, they were in awe of the new car. They were sad thinking that we might return it to the dealer and keep our own car. Colton actually cried! Any time that I would leave the house to run an errand they would ask if I am taking the ‘new car!’ I did make a trip alone to Target, grabbed a Starbucks and enjoyed the ride alone. A feature that I really like is that when the third row is up, the storage in the back is sunken in so that the bags are not sliding all over the place.

Of course, when I brought it home, the hood had to be put up to check out the engine!

I like how you can walk up to the car with the key near and unlock the door by just grabbing the handle. Ladies will know what I mean.  No more digging for their keys!

The kids love the roof window over them. They have been watching the clouds and airplanes out of it a lot lately!

More features that are nice: the backup camera is so clear! It’s like watching a TV. My current one does not have as wide of a screen and is not as clear as this one.

I also like that when you are connected on Bluetooth and you make a call, the air turns itself down so that you can hear yourself and the person on the phone. Then when the call is over, the air goes back up.

Another feature that I like is the footrest for the driver. This is such a small thing but for me in my crossover, I put my foot there so much and the carpet is wrecked from salt and dirt. It’s nice that the Explorer has a rubber pad there so that this car does not have the same issue down the line.

There is one thing that I’d like to see different about the Explorer. I’d like to look at a bench seat in the second row vs. the bucket seats. I think that there may be more room for the boys with that and car seats.

We also had a bit of a Moana sing along in the car and the sound from the speakers felt like we were actually at the movies. Mason was truly in heaven!

Currently, we have a smaller crossover that we have been driving for about 4 years. As the boys grow, so do our needs. We loved that this car featured a third row. If we wanted to travel as a family plus other friends, we could all hop in one car!

Couldn’t help but park it where I could see it!

Twice now, Mason has fallen asleep in the car on the way to daycare, and he never does that. Must be a smooth ride for him too!”

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