Camping in a Passat Tent

I’ve never been a huge fan of camping, mostly because I prefer indoor plumbing, and mosquitoes seem to love me. But throw a Volkswagen into the mix and I’m suddenly all about it! I currently own a 2002 Passat wagon, which is very similar to a Passat my dad owned about 6 years ago. He is very into ourdoorsy camping things, so my mom bought him a Passat tent during his ownership. It has since been handed down to me.

What is a Passat tent, you ask? What a convenient question! The Passat tent is the most amusing tent you’ve ever seen (or probably not seen). One end of the tent engulfs (en-Passats?) the hatchback end of the Passat, making it almost like a two-room tent. You know what, it’s easier to understand if you just look at it:

Isn’t it incredible?! I was finally able to take it out on a trip to Wisconsin for my grandpa’s 80th birthday celebration this past weekend, and I was the talk of the land! (Not really, nobody in my family is ever surprised by me and my Volkswagen nonsense). Even though I still don’t like camping, I do like Passat camping.

Moral of the story? Get a Passat wagon. Buy a Passat tent. Enjoy the wilderness.


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