Short People Need to Drive, Too

There’s an ample number of things that make being 5’2” difficult. My twin brother is 6’1” so the comments and questions alone can be quite aggravating. However, there’s one fairly unexpected item at the top of my biggest-pet-peeves list.

No vehicles, Fiats and Smart Cars aside, are made to accommodate my lack leg length.

For starters, not even running boards help me get into big trucks. You’d think I was a competitive high jumper by how skilled I’ve become at getting into my brother’s Durango or my buddy’s lifted Raptor. All it takes is a backup, a few strides, and a leap. Admittedly, the landing is never smooth.

Second, the sun visors never block the sun, regardless of what time of day it is—unless I sit on top of gym bag. Yes, I have resorted to this before. Who’re we kidding, sunglasses don’t help nearly as much as they should, and squinting isn’t too cute either. Next time you scroll through Amazon, hit me up if you see an innovation marketed as sun visor extension.

Finally, I can’t reach the ‘Seek’ button on my radio while I’m driving. Someday I aspire to have a vehicle with control buttons on the steering wheel. As of right now, though, I’m stuck listening to the same station until I hit a red light or traffic stops. I’ve memorized plenty of radio commercials (a fact I’m not proud of) since I’m unable to escape by changing the station.

Are you a vertically-challenged person? How do you make your car work for you?


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