New Look. Same Morrie’s.

After all these years, we’re still Morrie’s. Albeit, a new version of ourselves. Today, we’re not just a car dealership, we’ve evolved into a strategically connected auto group comprised of 14 dealerships and growing. If it has to do with a vehicle, from sales to service and beyond, we are here to make people happy. In order to live up to this promise, we have become one united automobile group comprised of multiple business units serving the entire marketplace. 

The challenge: Our existing branding wasn’t designed to convey our new story. What’s more, it was losing its appeal and luster (let’s just say it was in need of more than a detailing job). The time had come for rebranding. The goal was to create a modern identity that could be easily integrated across existing business units and those to come. 



Our history: Morrie’s is very proud of our unique value proposition. For many years, our Happiness message has helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. At Morrie’s, happiness is at the core of everything we do. Creating happiness applies as much to our 1,200 employees as it does to our customers and the communities we serve. With this in mind, we’ve created Happiness Matters™ to function as both a corporate, Morrie’s Auto Group level tagline as well as a company-wide lodestone.

Buy Happy®: If you know Morrie’s, chances are you associate us with Buy Happy. Effective as it is, we realized it didn’t allow us to speak to our entire customer base. Namely, the luxury car buyer. So, in keeping with our Happiness Matters value proposition, we introduced the tagline Beyond Happy™. 

Bringing it all together: Our new logo enables Buy Happy and Beyond Happy to live together under one uniquely branded house: Happiness Matters. Where Buy Happy speaks to the mainstream buyer, Beyond Happy speaks to the luxury buyer. The measure of success was making sure the new logo allows for consistency across all business units.      

More challenges: In recent years, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. It’s not enough to find your audience. You have to find them at the right place and time. We address this challenge by making sure our branding is adaptable and scalable across traditional advertising (broadcast, print, radio) and nontraditional mediums (digital, experiential). Whether the logo needs to be displayed large on a billboard or small on the front of an employee’s shirt, it was necessary for the new logo to look its best.

Creating a platform for consistency: From print to digital to branded apparel, the new design promotes consistency. Inspired by images of roads and tire tracks, it evokes a sense of forward momentum embodying the essence of our car culture. This meant going through a number of iterations to find and hone in on the Morrie’s story and how to tell it properly. We needed something that was bold, distinctive and conveys confidence. We think this is all of this, and more importantly, it’s Morrie’s through and through. Albeit, the new and improved version of Morrie’s.

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