Rink Rats: Keeping Youth Hockey Alive In Minneapolis

The Rink Rats Program provides an opportunity for children to learn about the game of hockey. The focus is to show underprivileged kids the game, and the program is part of the Herb Brooks Foundation. Herb Brooks’ primary mission is to grow the game of hockey. Rink Rats is an after school program at eleven Minneapolis schools and is growing yearly.

Morrie’s Employees Play Hockey Too


Morrie’s involvement in Rink Rats goes beyond a monetary donation each year. For seven years Morrie’s has continued to provide support on and off the ice. What does a Rink Rats Volunteer Opportunity look like? A volunteer picks up the kids from the school and drives them to the local park. Once at the park, the activities take place on the ice. In the warming house volunteers tie skates, snap helmets, and put gloves on the kids. Kids, employees, and the coach then take to the ice for warm ups.

Hockey Is Expensive, but Rink Rats Makes it Accessible

Minnesotans are very aware of the expense that comes with playing hockey. Herb Brooks provides all the necessities needed to play during a Rink Rats session. It’s an expense that Herb Brooks relies on financial help from partners to cover but an important one. Unfortunately, many families find it hard to provide the basics needed for the game. Some parents don’t want to commit to hockey until they know for sure their kids are going to stick with it. That’s not including time and energy it takes between hockey practices and games. Rink Rats is an amazing way to see if your child will commit to the game beforehand.

Morrie’s Heart Is In Community

Morrie’s partnership with the Herb Brooks Foundation is a commitment to spreading happiness. Seeing the faces of the kids light up is what it’s all about. Many of the students go on to take part in local programs after they are in Rink Rats. Coaches of the program have even sponsored students for ongoing hockey education. It’s an opportunity to make a genuine connection with participants, the community, and share our love for the great game of hockey. Morrie’s and Herb Brooks see the value of investing in our Minneapolis youth and hockey is an amazing way to do so. Visit morries.com to learn more about Buy Happy Giving and our involvement with the Herb Brooks Foundation.

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