Morrie’s Raises the Bar With Video Communication

At Morrie’s, we understand the value of transparency. While it’s a relatively new concept to the automotive world, we’re focused on building trust and breaking down the old stereotypes associated with car dealerships. Despite others attempting to follow suit, we’re raising the bar once again and taking transparency to another level with our Vehicle Walkaround Videos and Vehicle Health Report Videos.

Get All the Facts with a Vehicle Walkaround Video

Although we provide as much information as we can about each vehicle in our inventory, you might still have questions about the specifics. Is there some rust above one of the wheel wells? Is that alloy wheel scuffed? What’s the condition of the leather interior? These are all valid questions that would normally require a visit to the dealership to answer. But thanks to our Vehicle Walkaround Videos, that’s no longer the case.

All Morrie’s, salespeople are equipped to send you a video or pictures of the exact vehicle you’re looking at – and answer your specific questions. Simply submit an inquiry and one of our team members will send a personalized video right to your phone. Now you have a direct line of communication right to your salesperson. You can respond with a text to get more information no matter where you are – all without ever setting foot in the dealership.

Vehicle Health Report Videos Make Selecting Service a Breeze

We all know the horror stories about bringing your car into a dealership for service. Now, you can rest easy by bringing your car to Morrie’s. Every time one of our techs works on a vehicle, they take a comprehensive Vehicle Health Report Video. The video shows what’s happening with your car—good and bad— so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

If we recommend a filter replacement, we’ll show you yours next to a new one so you can be the judge. We use color-coded tire tread rulers so you can see for yourself how much tread you still have. If there’s a leak, we’ll show you. The best part is that all of this is delivered in a simple video right to your phone. You can text back to let us know which services to perform and which ones to skip or ask any follow-up questions. You’ll never again need to question if the work we recommend is necessary.

Building Relationships Through Video

One of the best parts of receiving a video from us is that you know it’s genuine. We want you to have a connection with your salesperson or service advisor. You should know their name and look forward to interacting with them. We also want you to have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Whether it’s through a Vehicle Walkaround Video, a Vehicle Health Report Video, or an in-person interaction, you know what you’re getting. It’s all part of the pressure-free atmosphere at Morrie’s.

Ready to get your own personalized video? Visit morries.com to view our inventory or schedule your next service appointment!

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