Morrie’s Drive To Compare Event

You’ve done extensive research online, come up with a shortlist of cars you’re strongly considering, and now it’s time to check them out in person. The test drive should be the most exciting part of the process, right? The challenge, if you’re like most car shoppers, is that getting behind the wheel of all the cars on your list requires three, four, or even five time-consuming trips to local dealerships. Until now.
We created a program that’s changing the way people test drive and compare cars. We wanted to create an event where folks can experience cars in a pressure-free environment. In a setting where it’s easy to bounce from one car to the next. Supplemented by resources that help you with the comparison process and gather immediate feedback. Where you can do all of your legwork in just a couple of hours and have some fun in the process! We call it Drive To Compare.

A Refreshingly Easy and Convenient Way to Comparison Shop 

Drive To Compare is Morrie’s offsite event that brings 10 different models from the compact crossover segment to one, central location to make the shopping process more convenient. The no-pressure environment is made up of several activities that enrich the research experience – and make it fun!

Compare the cars on your list. Maybe even be surprised by a car that you had never considered!

Each event features ten different models from the compact-crossover segment, the most popular new vehicle segment today. Attendees get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the cars on their shortlist, in addition to being introduced to cars they might not have otherwise considered. It’s pretty common to hear attendees say, “there was a car at the event that wasn’t on my list, but is now something I’m definitely considering!”

Try them on for size

Nothing is worse than buying a car, getting it home and realizing your stuff just doesn’t fit. Drive To Compare was created to prevent this from happening. Attendees get a real-world understanding of cargo capacity by placing a vast selection of cargo items in cars in our static display. We bring out everything but the kitchen sink so you can see how it fits. Dog kennels, suitcases, car seats, golf clubs, skis, pack-and-plays – you get the idea. If you can think of it, we probably have it on hand to try out packing it into the vehicle of your choice.


Eliminate recency bias

Have you ever compared so many things that you start to forget the difference between one thing and another? It happens more than you’d think – and it’s a big risk when we’re talking about a purchase as significant as a car. By putting the cars side-by-side and providing comparison tools, Drive To Compare helps prevent preference bias and confusion. Attendees can go home with complete peace of mind, knowing they don’t have to ask themselves, “which car was that, again?”

Take a test drive that’s more than four left turns and a return to the dealership

Our Drive To Compare venue is situated perfectly to provide a great combination of everyday driving situations. The test-drive course integrates highway driving, city driving, high-speed, low-speed and equal doses of twisties. Attendees can drive cars back-to-back, over and over to ensure they find the one that’s perfect for their needs.

Get a thrill on the performance course

Adrenaline junkies will get a thrill ripping through the on-site performance skills course with a professional race car driver. More than one past attendee likened it to a trip to Valleyfair. We like to think of it as just another way to make the research process fun. Because buying a new car should be fun, right?
Get the family in on the fun
At the Family Fun Station, adults and children alike can enjoy building LEGO cars and racing them down the Drive To Compare racing ramp. If slot cars or Hot Wheels are more your speed, you’ll have ample time to take them for a spin as well!
Stay as long or little as you like
Drive To Compare was created to make the vehicle comparison process quick, informative and easy. Many attendees get so much out of the event, though, that they stick around for quite a while. Maybe it’s the immersive comparison experience? Maybe it’s the delicious food trucks we bring in? It’s hard to say, but in any case, the event is built so you can choose your own automotive comparison adventure, regardless of how much time you have.


2019 Drive To Compare Dates

Saturday, April 27th at Dunwoody College
Saturday, August 10th at Dunwoody College
Saturday, October 12th at Dunwoody College
Learn more about Morrie’s Drive To Compare events at morries.com/drivetocompare

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