Geared 2 Give: Customer Driven Donations

We’re keenly aware Morrie’s wouldn’t exist without our community. Therefore, we feel compelled to give back to those who contribute to our success. Geared 2 Give falls under the blanket of our Buy Happy Giving efforts. These initiatives center around the idea that as a collective group, Morrie’s can use the compassion, drive, and expertise of our workforce to improve our community. Above all, we want to deliver moments of happiness to the people who need them the most.

Customer-Driven Giving

Geared 2 Give holds a special place in our hearts because it empowers our customers to direct donations to a cause they’re passionate about. Every Memorial Day weekend, any new or used car sale at Morrie’s on Saturday or Monday earns a $150 donation to a local charity. Customers are able to choose between the Dunwoody College of Technology, Project Delta, Perspectives, and Make-a-Wish Minnesota. We partner with organizations that make a difference – increasing quality of life through dedication, passion, and a genuine commitment to helping others.

Local Love

If you’re sensing a common thread in the list of our giving partners, it’s because there is. We focus heavily on the communities we serve, assisting children and families, and sharing enriching personal experiences. 2019 will be Geared 2 Give’s third year, and to date, it has generated over $66,000 in donations to our local charity partners. 

Building a Feedback Loop of Positivity

At Morrie’s, we’re all about happiness – and seeing our customers light up when they get to bring a little more joy into the world is what Geared 2 Give is all about. It’s an opportunity to help bring a sense of community involvement and ownership to our giving efforts. There’s a lot of Memorial Day promotions out there. We’d like to think the feeling of altruistic purpose Geared 2 Give brings to participants sets it apart. For us, giving back isn’t an option. Because Happiness Matters. 

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