Morrie’s West Bend Honda is Taking Shape

Morrie’s build-out of the new Honda dealership in West Bend, WI continues as recent construction makes big progress. The walls, roof, and landscaping are taking shape. Bob Splitstoesser, General Manager of Morrie’s West Bend Honda, hosted a meet and greet event at the construction site last weekend. Things are a little greener since our last venture to the site this past November. It was great to be back in the West Bend community for a few days.

The Service Department Will Be Fantastic

Our first day on the ground, Bob gave me a walk-through of the facility. Although there is a long way to go, just seeing the inside space was terrific. Visually seeing where the service department would be housed along with service bays, tool rooms, and quick service lanes was pretty cool. It’s obvious that Honda is a service-centric brand with the streamlined design of the service areas.
The upper levels of the construction will see office spaces and training facilities strategically aligned against the parts department storage area and some other cool spaces. Every foot of the floor plan has been laid out to be used effectively. One of the observations I had almost immediately was the vertical use of space of the facility. This not only looks great from the outside, but on the inside it provides a level of openness that guests and employees will appreciate.

The Show Floor Will Provide a Unique Experience

Moving to the front of the facility is where the dealership really comes to life. The dealership is set much higher than the local terrain and provides a great view from where much of the sales business will be conducted. The show-floor will provide an open view of the surrounding area as customers engage with up to three vehicle models on the floor. They can also enjoy the many amenities offered during their shopping experience. Looking from the outside in should be amazing too. Honda’s storefront will showcase the brand and vehicles in a way that is unique to this location.

On day two we set up our “Tiny Honda” trailer and cranked the heat for the 40-degree weather and misting in the forecast. We prepared hard hats, donuts, and hot coffee for our guests. Despite the weather 40+ guests stopped by to welcome Morrie’s and Bob’s family to the West Bend community. Local businesses stopped by to show their support and get a tour of the new dealership. Residents were equally excited and many couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of a new Honda when we open in late Fall 2019.

We are excited to be a part of the West Bend community and I look forward to more scheduled trips to the area in the future! Stay tuned for more exciting news on our Honda build-out in West Bend, WI soon.


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