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Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Nissan Subaru Zombie 5K!

This weekend Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Subaru sponsored two teams for Run For Your Lives, a zombie-themed 5k featuring a challenging obstacle course and a lot of fake blood! The North Memorial and UWRF teams that we sponsored raised over $6,000 dollars for the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Only one in three racers ended up surviving the zombie attacks, but over half of the Morries Brooklyn Park Subaru teams survived. Including the New Car Manager, Tina Ingalls! Survivors and those doomed to zombie-hood enjoyed a free refreshment upon completing the race. We had a great time and are glad that most of our team members survived. Check out our pictures below from the event.



The All-New 2014 Mazda3

Mazda just unveiled the newly redesigned 2014 Mazda3 through a streaming broadcast on Xbox live last week. The redesign of the brands #1 seller will go on sale this fall and we are anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Mazda hasn’t given away all the details but they did give us some insight into what we can expect. The wheelbase on the new Mazda3 is expected to be 2.4 inches longer, lower and wider than the previous model. The pedals are aligned differently for safety and comfort. The driver will be centered above the pedals, which will be different than the standard pedal positions that are offset to the right.

An active driving pop up panel display is also an added feature on the redesigned sedan. This display will sit on top of the dashboard showing vehicle speed and navigation instructions and is designed to keep the driver more focused on the road. When the vehicle shuts off, the HUD screen will retract back into the dash. The main infotainment system also received a redesign.

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