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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Gearhead Dads

Let’s be honest, the last thing dad needs is another tie.  If you’ve put off buying that father’s day gift don’t fret, it’s not too late.   Below is a list of a few unique gifts for all the gear head dads out there.  Each is sure to get your dad’s motor running.


1.  Have you caught dad channeling his inner Mario Andretti behind the wheel?  Perhaps he plays armchair racecar driver on weekends watching his race series of choice?  By giving him the gift of a trackday at Brainerd International Raceway dad can see what his car can do on this legendary racetrack or even get behind the wheel of a purpose built racecar.   Track days start at $295.  Visit for more details.



2.  Give dad the opportunity to ride in a tank, drive a tank, or if you really love him let him crush a car with a tank.     Just make sure it’s not your car….  Packages start at $199 and go up quite quickly from there.  Visit for more details.



3.  Had dad always wanted a sportscar?  Why not fulfill his dreams with a new Bentley or Maserati—-in 1/43rd scale.  If he’s not a model car guy, why not get him a hat, keychain or shirt from the the boutique at Morrie’s Luxury Auto or online at   Official Bentley and Maserati gear starts from around $20.



4.  Give dad the opportunity to scratch his automotive itch even in the dead of winter with one or a few quintessential automotive focused movies.  Each movie below is a must see for auto enthusiast dad’s of all ages.  Oh, and we included direct links to order them too.




Le Mans




Grand Prix

1 – The Movie



5.  While outdoorsmen like to hang animals on their walls, motorsports enthusiasts prefer putting their favorite racetracks on their walls.  Linear edge offers a full range of race track sculptures for all the tracks dad has been to and all the others he’s only dreamed of visiting.



6.  Help dad keep his car looking shiny and new with a car care kit form Griots Garage, available from $65 here.   If dad isn’t the type to get his hands dirty, treat him to a full-service detail from any one of Morrie’s locations.