Matthew’s 1968 Charger Restoration – Update #4 Vintage Minnesota License Plates


We’re excited to announce that thanks to the generosity of one of our employees, Matthew’s 1968 Dodge Charger will be sporting original Minnesota license plates from 1968.  These plates have just the right amount of patina and will look right at home on the Charger.  Many thanks to Jeff Nelson, one of our sales associates at Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Nissan for making the donation.



On the restoration front things are coming along nicely.   As is often the case with restorations, things tend to take longer than expected.  Although our last update said we were almost ready for paint, our team found a couple of areas that were not up to their high standards.  This week they are putting the finishing touches on the car before final primer and paint gets applied.  At this stage of the game there is a fair amount of sanding, welding and adjusting going on, which doesn’t exactly make for exciting photos or videos. Rest assured we will be getting plenty of photo and video footage when the final paint gets applied early next week.



Stay tuned for another update early next week.

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